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Microsoft has worked hard to make the new Chromium Edge the best it could be, and now the company wants everyone to use it – including Linux users. Microsoft has announced that it will bring its new browser to Linux soon.

When will Microsoft Edge arrive on Linux?

The news was spread during Microsoft Ignite, an annual developer conference. Usually the event only lasts one week, during which the developers meet in person. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the event was split into two digital events.

During the first session of events, Microsoft posted a statement on the Windows Experience Blog. The company continues to discuss what is emerging for Microsoft's planned web experiences.

Microsoft then announced its plans to bring the operating system to Linux:

Our mission to bring Microsoft Edge to the platforms that our customers use every day is taking the next step: Starting in October, Microsoft Edge will be available for download on Linux on the Dev Preview Channel. Once it's available, Linux users can go to the Microsoft Edge Insider website to download the preview channel, or they can download it from the native Linux package manager.

While Linux users probably don't want to use a Microsoft browser, it shows how safe the company is with its new Chromium-based Edge. However, whether or not Linux users flock to the browser remains to be seen.

Will the browser impress Microsoft Linux users?

Microsoft plans to bring its new Edge browser to Linux. Whether or not Linux users want it is a different story. Only time will tell whether Edge will become a popular choice for Linux or stay on the side for better-known offerings.

While the company is branching out into other operating systems, Microsoft is not neglecting its current user base. Recently, Microsoft Edge received a major update that added sync favorites and a PDF highlighter tool.

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