After a test during the Build 2021 developer conference, Microsoft has officially announced the launch of version 91 of its new Edge browser. The version offers new ways to save money while shopping, as well as new ways to personalize the look and feel of the browser.

After installing this latest update, you should see a new price history feature when shopping in Microsoft Edge at select retailers. It is displayed as a price tag icon in the address bar. Clicking it will bring up a graphical representation of the historical online prices for an item you are looking for.

In addition to the price history feature, Microsoft brings Bing Rebates to Edge for a seamless experience. First, sign in with your Microsoft account and enable Bing Rebates.

You can then make money on your purchases at select retailers like Walmart, the Microsoft Store, and others. The cashback option is shown when a price tag and a message appear in the address bar stating a percentage of the return. According to Microsoft, this works with more than 1,200 eligible retailers.

As announced during Build 2021, Edge 91 offers the sleeping tab feature. This saves you up to 82% memory, based on the data that Microsoft has collected in internal tests. The function puts the inactive tabs in the background when they are not needed, thus helping to save system resources in Windows 10.

The grouping of functions in Edge 91 are new color themes. The themes change the appearance of the title bar and other areas in Edge. You can choose from 10 by going to the Appearance page in the Edge Settings menu. These are to build on the exclusive first-party themes presented to Edge in January.

If you haven't been automatically updated to Edge version 91 yet, there are a few easy steps to do. Just go to the menu next to your profile icon, select Settings and then About Microsoft Edge. From there, Edge will download and install the latest update.

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