Microsoft Brings Thrilling Updates within the Newest Home windows 10 Insider Preview Construct 21337

In March 2021, Microsoft announced the release of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21337. The update was released exclusively for Windows Insider members of the Dev Channel.

Unlike most build versions, the Insider Preview Build 21337 finally brings with it some long-awaited changes. Get ready for some exciting features like Auto HDR, virtual desktop customization, and a layout change in File Explorer. With the 21337 Preview Build, Microsoft has also fixed some recurring problems.

What is the Windows Insider Program?

Windows goes through various stages of development before updates become official. The Windows Insider Program is Microsoft's official community that gets access to official releases and updates before anyone else. "Insiders," as they are popularly known, are responsible for previewing the Windows platform and providing feedback.

Through the Insider Program, Microsoft can continually improve the Windows operating system and get in direct contact with a dedicated community that wants to see Windows succeed.

You can easily sign up for the Windows Insider Program and join millions of other exclusive people for first-time access to the latest updates and features. As an insider, you can also connect with Microsoft experts and take part in exciting competitions and events.

Once you have registered for the Insider Program, select the channel that you would like to join. Each channel offers different Windows updates depending on your settings. Build Preview 21337 was released on the Dev Channel which is intended for highly technical users. Here are some of the updates to look forward to.

Customize virtual desktops

The built-in Virtual Desktop feature has been welcomed by Windows 10 users. With the help of virtual desktops, you can work more organized and productive by dividing work-life tasks into different desktops. This allows you to break up your workspace and multitasking role by switching between different virtual desktops instead of constantly switching between different windows.

Image credit: Microsoft

In the latest version, Microsoft has given users far greater control over virtual desktops. You will soon be able to reorder the various virtual desktops and adapt them as you wish.

New customization features include renaming the virtual desktops and choosing different backgrounds for each virtual desktop. You can drag and drop the virtual desktops in a similar way to rearranging pinned apps on the system tray.

Updated file explorer layout

After a while, Microsoft announced a visual update for File Explorer with build preview 21337. The existing standard layout of File Explorer is easy to use for desktop users, but not ideal for touch screens.

Image credit: Microsoft

With this in mind, Microsoft has updated the standard File Explorer UI to provide additional padding in the layout. The updated padding makes it more consistent when using XAML for a more responsive UI across devices.

If you prefer the classic layout of File Explorer, you can reset by selecting Use compact mode under Show options.

Auto HDR preview

Perhaps the most exciting update in the latest build is the coveted Auto HDR feature. The gaming community has been eagerly waiting for Microsoft to launch Auto HDR on Windows 10. Auto HDR greatly improves your gaming experience by enhancing your visual experience.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a technique that intensifies light and dark areas to appear brighter and more realistic. The Xbox X / S already came with Auto HDR, but it will soon be available to Windows 10 users.

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Auto HDR is an AI-based technology developed by Microsoft that provides users with real-time HDR graphics. According to Microsoft, you can instantly play HDR graphics in 1000+ DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games as soon as you enable Auto HDR and use your HDR monitor's features.

Unfortunately, Auto HDR is still in preview and it may take Microsoft some time to officially roll it out to Windows 10 users. Until then, Microsoft Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel are asked to provide important feedback on optimizing the Windows 10 gaming experience.

Label settings for Windows Insiders

Microsoft improved the subtitle settings in Windows 10 with the preview version of build 21337. Captions make the device easier to use by displaying audio as text. This is a feature that improves accessibility for hearing impaired users when using Windows 10.

Image credit: Microsoft

You can choose from preset label styles or personalize a style that suits you. To enable subtitles, go to Settings> Ease of access> Listening> Subtitles.

Inbox app updates

The latest build preview also brings some major changes to Windows 10 inbox apps.

An important change has been announced for the Notepad app. It is no longer buried in the Windows accessories folder, but placed in the Start menu. The Notepad app receives updates from the Microsoft Store.

In 2020, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Power Automate Desktop as a key desktop automation tool. This free, easy-to-use tool enables users to streamline workflows by automating repetitive tasks in Windows 10.

Windows Insider Preview Build 21337 includes Power Automate Desktop as the inbox app. The app can be accessed from the Windows Accessories folder in the Start menu. Power Automate Desktop enables users to automate desktop and web applications. Microsoft offers predefined support for apps like Microsoft Excel.

An exciting update for technical users is the addition of Windows Terminal as an inbox app. Microsoft's Windows Terminal is a fast and efficient modern command line terminal for PowerShell, Command Prompt, and Windows Subsystem for Linux users. Windows Terminal receives updates from the Microsoft Store.

other changes

Aside from these major updates, the Preview Build also includes a new Input Method Editor (IME) candidate window for all users using traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Indian IMEs. The new input method editor makes it easy to enter characters in the East Asian language.

The Emoji control panel (Win + Period) has also been updated to include support for more languages. Belarus, Filipino, Cherokee, and Thai are some of the new languages ​​with support for emoji panels.

Have you tried the Windows 10 Build Update 21337?

Microsoft has released some exciting updates for Windows 10 with the latest Preview Build update. PC gaming users will primarily love this update and experience Auto HDR in their gameplay.

Microsoft is currently asking Insiders in the Dev Channel for feedback on Windows Insider Preview Build 21337.

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