Microsoft Brings new Private Options to Groups in Preview

New features for personal topics are now available for preview in the Microsoft Teams desktop and web apps as well as in the mobile apps. The list of features includes the ability to chat with friends or family members who don't have teams, location notifications to let you know when someone in your family leaves certain locations or arrives in certain places, and much more.

As previously rumored, the new features come to desktop and web thanks to the ability to add a personal account to Teams. This way, team users can not only call or chat with friends and family, but also take advantage of some new features in the team's mobile apps.

According to Microsoft, Teams' mobile apps on iOS and Android will be previewed updates so users can chat with friends or family who don't have Teams on their phones. In such cases, the messages sent in teams are sent to a phone via standard SMS. Team users only need to enter a contact's name or phone number to add them to a group chat. This should allow team users to sync all of their personal chats with their computer so they can continue their conversations regardless of where they are.

“We're excited to announce today the preview of more new personal features in Teams that will make managing and planning your days even easier. With group chat and video calling now available on both desktop and mobile, connecting and organizing with loved ones is easier than ever, especially around the corner on vacation, ”said Arjun Tomar, product marketing manager at Microsoft 365 .


Some additional features are now also previewed in the team's desktop and web apps. You can now start a personal chat or create a personal group chat with up to 250 people. You can also talk to friends and family over video or audio calls for free, or share video conference invitations with other people, even if they don't have teams. Finally, you can see up to 49 of your friends and loved ones in one frame in the gallery view or upload and share photos and videos from your computer in a personal or group chat.

For mobile devices, new features now available in Preview for Teams on iOS and Android include the ability to add group events for your chats to your device's calendar, get task and location updates in your activity feed, and your personal entry Add photo -app safe.

To take advantage of these new features today, you'll need to download the Team desktop app and sign in with a personal Microsoft account. If you already use Teams for work, you can click your profile and select Add Personal Account. The teams then open a new window with your personal chats and groups. The new option is slowly being introduced. If you don't see them, you'll have to wait a while.

Microsoft also says it is working on bringing all of the other personal features available in the Team mobile app to desktop and web soon, including location tracking.

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