Methods to Take away the Chat Button From Home windows 11 Taskbar

If you've recently upgraded your device to Windows 11, you might have noticed a few things – the Start menu is now in the middle, and next to it are three new icons: the Task View, Widgets, and Chat buttons.

While the task view and widgets icons will be helpful for most users, there are likely not many Microsoft Teams Chat users around. So if you aren't one of them, you can remove that unnecessary app from your system tray.

Here's how to hide the chat button on the Windows 11 system tray

The easiest way to remove the chat icon from your system tray is to turn it off. In order to do this, Right click an empty section of your taskbar and then click the Taskbar settings Button that appears. A new settings Window opens with Personalization> Taskbar as its headline.

Under the Taskbar items, Seek Chat. click on the Slider on the right to turn the icon off. Once you do that, the chat button will disappear from your system tray.

While the chat button no longer appears in your system tray, Microsoft Teams remains installed on your system. If you want to remove it completely, you'll need to remove the app from Apps & Features.

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How to uninstall Microsoft Teams from Windows 11

First you need to open your computer's settings Menu. click on the Start menu and then choose the Gear icon next to the power button. Alternatively, you can click on the All apps at the top right of the Start menu, then scroll down to S. Find settings.

Once the settings window is open, continue with Apps in the right side menu. In the main window, click Apps & Features. Find Microsoft Teams in the apps list. When you find it, click the three-button menu on the right, then choose Uninstall.

A small window will appear confirming whether you want to proceed with removing the app. Press Uninstall keep going. Wait for the uninstallation process to complete. Once that's done, you won't find the Microsoft Teams app under your Apps & Features window anymore.

Your next step is to remove the chat icon from your system tray. To do this, go to the Taskbar settings, then under the Taskbar items, Seek Chat. click on the Slider to turn it off. You can no longer find the chat icon in your system tray.

How to restore Microsoft Teams to your Windows 11 system tray

If you've previously uninstalled the chat icon from your system tray but find that you need it, you can easily restore it. First you have to get back to yours Taskbar settings, and then under the Taskbar items, Seek Chat. Click the on the right Slider to turn it on.

the Chat The icon reappears in your system tray. Click on it to open the Connect with family and friends anytime Window. Press the Keep going Button, and Microsoft Teams sets up. Once this is done Getting started Button appears. You can then click on it and follow the instructions below to set up your Microsoft Teams account.

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A clean PC is a good PC

Although Microsoft is doing its best to integrate its services with the new operating system, some may not find these tools useful. So instead of letting those unused apps sit idly in your storage, why not remove them to free up more usable space?

And in case you need it in the future, all you have to do is go to your system tray settings and enable it again. Setup is a breeze and will take no more than five minutes of your time. This is a great way to keep your PC free of unwanted apps and maximize its specs and performance.

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