Methods to Filter or Disable Blue Mild on Ubuntu

Desktop screens emit blue light that could affect your sleep cycle. Learn how to filter blue light on your Ubuntu computer.

We are surrounded by screens for most of our waking days. While not a huge problem in and of itself, staring at screens late into the evening can disrupt your natural sleep cycle, which in turn can lead to health risks like insomnia, daytime sleepiness, and more. This is due to the blue light on these screens.

So it is important that we remove, or at least filter, the blue light from our screens. There are both manual and automated ways to turn off the blue light on your Ubuntu system.

Let's start with the manual.

Manually deactivate blue light on Ubuntu

This is one of the easiest methods available for such a task. For Ubuntu users, this is also the standard way to turn off the blue light.

  1. Click the drop-down menu in the top right corner of your screen.

  2. Click on that the settings Symbol.

  3. In the Settings section, select the option Show and switch to Night light Tab.

  4. Do that … Night light Filter.

And this is how you can filter the blue light on Ubuntu. You also get additional options to edit the settings such as: There is also a feature to keep the color temperature of your screen.

Filter blue lights on Ubuntu with third-party apps

Manual methods of turning off the blue light don't offer that many options. But no worry. There are plenty of third party apps out there that will filter out the blue lights for you.

Here are two of the best free options:

1. Iris Mini

If you google for the best Ubuntu blue light filters, you are bound to come across Iris Mini. As an open source and minimalist alternative to f.lux, Iris Mini takes on the task of removing the blue light from your screen. In addition, the screen brightness can be decreased without increasing the flicker rate of the screen.

To install Iris Mini, visit their website and download the app from there. After you've downloaded the TAR.GZ file, open the folder where you downloaded the file and extract its contents anywhere you want.

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Now click on the newly extracted AppImage file to start Iris Mini.

You can adjust the settings of the app via the desktop icon that appears after starting the app or via the new Iris mini icon at the top of the screen. The Change mode However, Option can only switch between two options.

For additional functions, you can purchase the Pro version of Iris mini.

2. RotShift

Redshift is another popular option in the Linux community that is suitable for the job. It works by adjusting the temperature of the screen according to your timeline settings.

As the creator himself said, Redshift is inspired by the popular f.lux blue light filter tool. Originally started as a command line project, it is now also available as a GUI app.

To install it on your system, go to Ubuntu Software, search for RedShift, and install the application from there. Finally, launch it and configure the settings to your liking.

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Filter the blue light from your screen

The blue light emitted from your screen can disrupt your sleep cycle. Hence, it is necessary that you take steps to reduce your exposure. Hopefully one of these methods did the trick for you. But don't stop now. Linux is packed with a lot of similar tricks that most people are not yet aware of.

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