When you're done writing your notes, export them from the Apple Notes app as a PDF file to share or prevent further changes.

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If you're using an iPad, iPhone, or Mac, Apple Notes is undoubtedly one of your favorite note-taking apps. This app is easy to use and effortlessly syncs your notes in iCloud. This means that you can access your notes from various Apple devices, which is a very handy feature. But the usefulness of Apple Notes doesn't end there. Among other things, you can also export your notes as PDF.

Do you want to export your Apple Notes to PDF files on your iPhone, Mac or iPad? We'll show you how.

How to save Apple Notes as PDF on any device

Instead of copying your notes to another platform, Apple Notes makes the whole process a breeze by exporting to PDF features. The only downside is that you can't export multiple notes at the same time.

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However, you can export notes from Apple Notes as PDFs from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. We'll cover all three platforms.

Export Apple Notes as PDF to iPhone and iPad

If you're using an iPhone or iPad, here's a step-by-step guide on how to export your Apple Notes to PDF:

  1. In Remarks, open any note to export as PDF.

  2. In the note, tap the ellipse () Symbol above.

  3. Choose Submit a copy.

  4. Tap Markup to generate a PDF. The markup page is where you can annotate your PDF before exporting it. Select any markup tool, customize it, and annotate the PDF.

  5. When you're happy with your PDF, tap complete. Apple Notes will ask you to save your PDF file.

  6. Tap Save file as and choose a suitable location on your iPhone or iPad.

  7. When you're finished, tap Save on computer.

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Export Apple Notes as PDF on Mac

The process is easier on a Mac. How to do it:

  1. Start the Remarks app and open a note that you want to export as PDF.

  2. click file from the menu bar.

  3. Choose Export as PDF.

  4. Rename your PDF file, choose a location, and add some tags if needed.

  5. click Save on computer to save your PDF.

Export Apple Notes as PDF on Mac

Take your Apple Notes with you wherever you go

Apple Notes is one of the best note-taking apps for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. However, the app is of no use if you switch to other non-Apple platforms like Android and Windows. Exporting your notes is one way to make sure you have a copy anywhere outside of iCloud.

If you are using a Windows PC, there is no need to export your Apple Notes as a PDF. There are several ways to access and edit your Apple Notes directly in Windows.

View Apple Notes on Windows

4 Easy Ways to Access & Edit iPhone Apple Notes on Windows

If you are using Apple Notes on your iPhone and want to access it on a Windows PC, there are several methods to do that.

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