Learn how to change the color of folders on your Mac without any additional software.

Would you like to give your MacBook or iMac a certain personality? A great way to do this is to change the color of some folders on your Mac.

Whether you want to beautify your desktop a little, make Finder easier to use, or identify certain types of folders with color, you can do it in a matter of moments. How to change the color of folders on Mac.

How to change folder colors on Mac

No need to download any third-party software to change folder colors on your Mac. Just follow these steps:

  1. Create a new folder if you don't want to change an existing one. Command + Shift + N. is a practical abbreviation for it.

  2. Right click on the folder you want to change the colors for and select get information.

  3. At the top of the resulting window, you'll see an image of a folder next to its name. Click on this picture and press Ctrl + C. or choose Edit> Copy from the menu bar.

You copied the folder to your clipboard so you can paste it into another app and edit it. Next, let's look at the process of adjusting the color in the preview:

  1. Open the preview app. You can do this quickly by pressing Cmd + Space to open Spotlight and then tap preview.

  2. With the preview open, select (the name will appear in the top left) File> New from the clipboard or press Cmd + N.. If this option is grayed out, restart your Mac and it should work properly.

  3. Press the Show markup toolbar Button. This looks like a marker and is to the left of the search Symbol. If the window is too small, you will see it under the >> Menu instead.

  4. Select the Adjust the color Tool. There are three sliders displayed in macOS Big Sur and later. In previous versions, it looks like a prism through which light shines.

  5. Use the sliders that appear in Adjust the color Window to change the color of the folder to your liking. You can tweak that hue, temperature, saturation, and more.

Once you are happy with the new folder color, you can copy it back to your clipboard and paste it into the folder whose color you want to change.

  1. Choose Edit> Select All in the menu bar or press Cmd + A.to select everything in the preview edit box.

  2. Press Cmd + C. to Copy the folder icon with the new color.

  3. Finally go back to the The information Tab of the folder from earlier. Click the folder's image in the upper left again and click Cmd + V. to Insert the new folder on top of the old one. You should see the folder's color update in an instant, and it'll show up on your desktop, in the Finder, and everywhere you use it.

  4. Repeat these steps to change the color of other folders on your Mac. If you want to make many folders the same color, you can just do that Insert the new symbol in the The information Window for additional folders without returning to the preview.

The preview provides basic options for changing the color of a folder. If you want more control, you can do the same process as above, but paste the image into Photoshop or another Mac photo-editing app to fine-tune the color.

Other ways of changing the color of folders on your Mac

The method described above for changing the color of a folder works fine, but is not particularly practical. If you want to change the color of many folders, you can use other methods to speed the process.

With macOS, you can put any compatible picture in the folder icon in the top left The information Window to set this as a new folder image. Instead of changing the folder colors yourself, you can download folders that others have created, such as: B. the macOS folder icons from msikma on GitHub. This contains some folder colors that you can insert.

Another option is Image2icon, a Mac app that is used to create custom folders. Just drag an image onto it and then drag the resulting image onto a folder to change its icon. If you download high quality color swatches from the internet, this tool will be a quick way to change the color of many Mac folders.

Image2icon also has its own color optimization utility. Keep in mind that some features are locked behind in-app purchases.

It's easy to change folder colors on Mac

Now you know the method of changing the color of a folder on your Mac. Just copy and paste it into an image editor, tweak the color, copy and paste it back for a new folder look.

It's amazing what a tiny pop of color can do to make your Mac desktop feel fresh. This is just one of the ways to optimize the way Finder looks on your Mac.

Here's how to change the look of Finder on Mac easily

The macOS Finder is a handy utility, but it may serve you better as you customize the look and feel. Here are some tips for changing the way Finder looks!

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