Methods to Allow Two-Finger Scroll on Home windows Laptops

Swipe over your Windows 10 laptop and wonder why two-finger scrolling doesn't work? There are several ways to fix this problem, from enabling the setting to ensuring that your drivers are working properly.

Let's examine some simple ways to enable double finger scrolling in Windows 10.

Enable the two-finger scroll option

Before we do anything technical, you should first check whether the setting for two-finger scrolling is activated. We don't want to mess around with the drivers if the solution is as simple as checking a box!

To check whether the setting is activated, click on the Start button and then on the "Settings" option.

Click on "Devices".

Selection of the category devices in the settings

Finally, click on "Touchpad" on the left.

Selection of the touchpad category

You are now in the Windows 10 touchpad settings. You may see a lot of options here, and you should check them all out if you have time.

For example, if your laptop has a precision touchpad, it will unlock many gestures that you can perform. To check if you have one, look at the top of the touchpad window to see if it says, "Your PC has a precision touchpad."

Display the message that the user has a precision touchpad

If you have one, you have access to many settings that allow you to get the most out of your touchpad

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. At the moment, however, we're focusing on two-finger scrolling.

To activate, scroll through the window until you see the "Scroll and Zoom" category. Below is a checkbox labeled "Drag two fingers to scroll". If the check box is cleared, check it.

The check box to enable two-finger scrolling

You should now be able to scroll through websites and documents with two fingers.

Customize the two-finger scroll

You can also specify the direction in which the page should scroll when swiping. Under the check box you just selected is a drop-down menu called "Scroll Direction". You can set this to one of two options.

The scroll direction options in Windows 10

"Downward Scroll Scrolls Down" feels like you control the page scroll bar with your fingers. When you move your fingers down, the page moves down, as if you click and hold the scroll bar.

In contrast, "downward movement rolls upwards" feels like you are physically touching the side and pulling your fingers up and down. Play around with both settings to find the one that feels natural to you.

Update or reset the touchpad driver

If the above steps don't work, or if the check box is already selected when activated, hope remains. The problem may not be in the settings of Windows 10, but in the driver of the touchpad.

Try to remember if this problem occurred after installing new drivers. If so, the problem is resolved by resetting the new drivers. If you haven't downloaded them for a long time or are on a brand new Windows 10 laptop, you should try installing new drivers.

How to install new touchpad drivers

To install a new driver, search for your laptop at the manufacturer. Then go to their website and look for the driver download page. You need the model name or model number of your laptop to find the right drivers.

When you find the driver download page for your laptop, install the latest touchpad driver and restart your laptop. If you still can't scroll with two fingers, make sure the option didn't disable itself in Windows 10 settings during reinstallation.

Reset the touchpad drivers

If you recently updated your drivers and your two-finger scrolling was interrupted immediately afterwards, the issue should be resolved by reverting to the drivers you used previously. To do this, click the Start button and enter "Device Manager". Then, press ENTER.

Access to Device Manager

Expand the "UI Devices" category, right-click your touchpad driver, and then click "Properties".

Access to the driver properties of a touchpad in Device Manager

Go to the "Driver" tab and click "Reset Driver".

Reset a touchpad driver

If the button is grayed out, it may be because your computer has already cleaned up the old driver. So it is best to find a download link to the old driver and reinstall it. With some manufacturers, you can choose from a driver history, which is helpful in such cases.

Check the manufacturer software

If none of the above functions work, a manufacturer software may have been installed that has adopted the settings of the touchpad. This software probably has its own two-finger scroll setting.

There is no single way to look for third-party software. You need to sift through your laptop's programs. If you find a touchpad settings program, check if you can enable two-finger scrolling. If not, update or uninstall the program to see if that solves the problem.

Enable or disable two-finger scrolling in inactive Windows

Did you know that you can scroll with two fingers in an inactive window? For example, when you type a document, you can hover over the website you're browsing and scroll with two fingers to continue the text without clicking the window.

This is a handy feature if you don't have to keep clicking between windows. On the other hand, some users prefer that scrolling only affects the window you are working in. Regardless of your posture, you can easily activate or deactivate this function.

First go to the Device Settings page as described above. Instead of clicking on the touchpad on the left, click on "Mouse".

Selection of the mouse category in the device settings

Find the button "Scroll inactive windows when I move the mouse over them" and activate or deactivate it depending on the setting.

Switch inactive window on or off

Let your touchpad do more

Laptop touchpads can do a lot, especially if you have a precision touchpad. Two-finger scrolling is helpful and easy to activate. Try it.

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