Methods to Add a Christmas Theme to Home windows 10

Christmas is around the corner! It's time to wrap up warm, set up your tree, and wait for Santa Claus to arrive. To get you in the festive mood, we've rounded up a whole host of ways you can customize your Windows 10 computer for the holidays.

Your options include snow falling on your desktop, a snow globe that counts to the big day, how to apply Christmas sound effects, and much more. Let's get your Windows 10 system in the vacation mood.

1. Change your wallpaper

One of the easiest ways to add a festive mood to your desktop is to change your wallpaper. In order to do this:

  1. Press Windows key + I to open settings.

  2. Navigate to Personalization> Background.

  3. Use the background Dropdown and choose image. Alternatively, choose Slide show on the drop-down list if you want to switch between a selection.

  4. click Search to find the wallpaper on your computer.

If you are looking for Christmas wallpapers, check out sites like Wallpaper Stock, HD Wallpapers, and Alpha Coders. When you've found the perfect picture, Right click it and save it on your system.

2. Make your screen snow

Depending on where you are in the world, snow at Christmas may be impossible or a rarity. It's not exactly the same, but you can turn your desktop into snow for comfort. A small executable called Desktop Christmas will sort you out.

Download the ZIP file, unzip it and open the program in it. Your screen will automatically fill with the magic of the falling snow. A snowflake icon will appear in your system tray that you Right click to change the program settings.

You can the Speed ​​of snowflakes, decide Starts when I start Windows, and go to Options> Transparent to change the transparency of the snow. If you want the snow to only appear on your desktop and not over every window, go to Options and deactivate Always on top.

3. Theme with Christmas colors

Another easy tweak is to change the color scheme of your system. To begin, press Windows key + I open Settings and go to Personalization> Colors.

It's the time of year, so below Windows colors You might want to pick a nice red or green. You can click Freely selectable color if none of these options fit. When you're done, check Start, Taskbar and Action Center, and Title bars and window borders to apply the color to these spots.

Much of the anticipation for Christmas lies in the preparation, the countdown of the days until the actual event. A chocolate advent calendar should definitely not be left out, but why not have a countdown clock on the computer as well?

Get Xmas offers various desktop snow globes that show the number of days remaining until the 25th. These include live Christmas balls, snowman snowglobes, and Christmas balls. Take a look around and see which design you like best.

Once you've made up your mind, download and unzip the zip file and launch the program. It will sync with your system clock and you can Right click the snow globe to adjust its settings, e.g. B. whether it is started automatically and should always remain on top of other windows.

5. Make your cursor the snow

You can have your cursor scatter snow off its trail every time you move it. To do this, you need a utility called Cursor Snowflakes. Go to the page, download and unzip the zip file.

Open the exe file in it and your cursor will automatically start dropping snow on your monitor. An icon of a snowflake will appear in your system tray. Right click the icon to adjust the settings of the application.

You can change that Speed ​​of snowflakes. You can go to Options> Transparent to adjust the transparency, and Options> Always on top to snow the cursor no matter which window you have open. Finally check Starts when I start Windows if you want to avoid having to open the application every time you log in.

6. Apply some Christmas sounds

Christmas carols are played too early in the year, but don't let that confuse you with setting some festive sounds for your computer. You can change the tones that are set for your calendar reminders, system notifications, and more. Get rid of those standard Windows noises and a few jingle bells!

  1. Press Windows key + I to open settings.

  2. click system.

  3. Click in the left menu sound.

  4. Under the Associated settings Headline, click Sound control panel.

  5. Switch to Sounds Tab. Here you can make your changes.

  6. Choose Program event Want to change, then press Search.

  7. Select the WAV file (and it must be in this format) and press Open minded.

  8. Then click on OK confirm.

If you're looking for some Christmas sounds to download, check out Freesound, Free-Loops, and Sound Bible.

7. Make the taskbar festive

This one is a little garish, but when else can you hug the cheese if not Christmas? An application called Christmas Taskbar will turn your taskbar into snow and, if you wish, will make colored circles float up and down.

Download the ZIP, extract it and open the EXE. Your taskbar will automatically be decorated with the celebrations. A snowflake icon will appear in your system tray. Right click it to start customizing the settings.

Deactivate animation if you don't want the colored circles. Check Starts when I start Windows if you want the application to run automatically when you log in. You can also use the Speed ​​of snowflakes and transparency about Options> Transparent.

A little note: if you change the size or position of your taskbar, Right click the snowflake icon, click exitand restart the application.

8. Apply a Christmas screensaver

Screen savers were previously used to prevent screen burn-in, but now they are there to keep something on your monitor while you are not using the computer. Perfect for Christmas customization!

Screensavers Planet has a large selection of mostly free festive screensavers.

Search the website for something you like. Then download and run the EXE. Follow the installation wizard; At the end you will get to the Windows screen saver settings. Here you can get the Screensaver Dropdown to make a selection and the Wait Time to determine how much inactivity should pass before the screen saver is activated.

To return to this settings window at a later time, press Windows key + I and go to Personalization> Lock screen> Screen saver settings.

& # 39; It's the time of year to be fun

You can never have too much Christmas cheer, so hopefully this fun list of Windows 10 customization options has come in handy for you. Now all you have to do is put on your Santa hat and you're good to go!

When your computer is appropriately festive, don't forget to send your Christmas cards. You could even try making your own for that personal touch.

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