Merge Slack and Discord With Ripcord for Home windows

Slack and Discord are essential programs for many people. Whether you're playing on the go or communicating with your work team, chances are you have both programs installed.

And given the fact that both can quickly transition into individual communities and sub-communities, things can get quite cluttered and complex.

That's one of the reasons Ripcord exists. If you want to merge these two commonly used programs into a cleaner package, Ripcord is a must have.

How to download and install Ripcord

First, open the official Ripcord website. From there, download the Windows version of Ripcord. Ripcord is ready to use and just needs to be extracted to a folder to start.

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When extracting ripcord, be careful where you extract it. If you think you might forget about it, make sure to drop or pin the EXE somewhere where you can easily find it.


When you start the program for the first time, none of your accounts will be linked. To use Ripcord properly, you'll need to link either Slack, Discord, or both.

Choose Accounts from the top bar and move the cursor over it Add account. Depending on which one you choose Slack or Discord for, the process will be different.

How to Link Slack to Ripcord

Slack can be linked in two ways.

The first method is to simply sign in to your Slack account with an email and password. This method supports two-factor authentication (2FA) and treats your data securely by deleting your password after entering it.

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The second method is more complex, but may be necessary depending on the security settings of your Slack account and the respective Slack workspace. to Import from browser, follow the steps below.

  1. Open your web browser and sign in to Slack.

  2. Start the workspace you want to add to Ripcord.

  3. Right click in your browser and choose Check element. Alternatively press Ctrl + Shift + I.

  4. Open that network Tab and then click the XHR Button.

  5. Update The page.
  6. Right-click the entry that begins with client.boot and hit As HAR. to save.

If you are unsure about these steps, most likely Ripcord has built-in instructions for your browser. Simply click any of the three buttons that match your browser for more detailed instructions.

How to Link Discord to Ripcord

Unlike Slack, Discord only has one method of linking. You can only sign in by importing some information from your browser or desktop client.

If you click on Discord from the Add account Option, you will be prompted for a Account token and provided with a button with the inscription Get my Discord token. Clicking this button will open a series of instructions. However, we have also listed them here for you:

  1. Open Discord either in your web browser or in the desktop application.

  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + I.

  3. Open that network Tab and then click the XHR Button.

  4. Update The page. (You can update the Discord application with Ctrl + R)
  5. Click in the list with the name Library.

  6. This opens up some code. Scroll down until you see Request header and then search for Permit.

  7. Copy the line of code after authorization.

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This is the line of code that you will paste in the Account Token field.

Again, Ripcord will ask you to remove all traces of the token once you've logged in. This is strongly recommended for security reasons.

Two chat applications in one

Now that you have the chat applications under one banner, you can get the information you need more efficiently with fewer clicks and fewer programs.

Regardless of whether you have both supported applications linked or just one, you'll enjoy a lightweight chat program with support for multiple windows, tabs, extensive customization options, and even access to the usual features you'd expect, like chat or emoji.

Slack vs. Discord: Which Should You Use?

Slack and Discord are both dynamic online collaboration and messaging apps. But what should you choose for yourself?

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