MacOS Huge Sur Will Be Approaching November 12

Apple announced the launch of its latest version of MacOS called Big Sur on November 12th. It's the 17th major update to MacOS, the operating system formerly known as OS X.

MacOS Big Sur features a number of minor improvements as well as a major makeover to the look and feel of MacOS, which is being repainted to keep Apple's design consistent across devices. Big Sur presents a flatter look that is more in line with iOS. Also, many icons and menus are updated to look familiar to iPhone and iPad owners.

Additionally, MacOS Big Sur is heavily optimized for Apple's custom ARM-based silicon, the M1 chip. For devices with the M1 chip, the operating system offers improvements that make Safari 1.5 times faster and 1.9 times more responsive.

But it's not just about the M1 chip. Big Sur is also working to improve the user experience, with an emphasis on applications and services available on Mac, iPad and iPhone. The News app, for example, receives an important overall score that includes features that were previously reserved for iOS. The Photos app has been updated to look more like the iPadOS version. At the same time, functions for Mac users have been added. And the notification center is being fundamentally redesigned, which in turn is similar to iOS, but also adds new options.

You should be able to download MacOS Big Sur from the Mac App Store on Thursday, November 12th. However, the deployment of the new operating system is usually gradual, as not all users will have access to the update at the same time. If you don't see the update right away, you'll just have to wait – maybe a while. It's not uncommon for some users to see an update a few days after its official release.

For more information, check out our roundup of Big Sur's best features, as well as our guide on how to download MacOS Big Sur.

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