Logitech vs. Razer vs. Microsoft

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With online games as competitive as they are now, you will undoubtedly want to take advantage of every opportunity (without cheating) to gain an advantage over your online opponents. Today we're looking at five gaming mice that want just that.

From Logitech we have the G5 and G9 mice. Microsoft is represented by its Sidewinder and Habu mice, while Razer rounds off the group with the Lachesis gaming mouse.

While admittedly there are a multitude of options for mice, there are only a handful of brands that we would wholeheartedly recommend. Considering that it would be nigh on impossible to cover all of the options we chose with the usual suspects who usually offer the best ergonomics and sensor technology in each case.

Each mouse offers a unique layout and functionality that should go a long way towards improving your gameplay during intense actions. Without further ado, here are our detailed impressions and comparisons between these main candidates.

Logitech G5 (2nd revision)

Logitech's second version of the G5 gaming mouse features a second thumb button on the left as well as a completely new aesthetic. A non-slip, rubberized black and blue "cracked" surface replaces the smooth plastic of the previous G5. A DPI indicator is located on the top of the mouse, between your thumb and forefinger. The rubberized scroll wheel is clickable and tilts to the side for two additional button clicks. The DPI setting buttons are located directly behind the scroll wheel, with which you can switch between 400, 800 and 2000 DPI for the standard settings during operation.

Logitech includes a detachable weight cartridge that slides into the bottom of the mouse along with a number of weights. Eight 1.7g and eight 4.5g weights are included so you can mix and match to find the perfect balance between weight and friction when breaking.

Three feet made of polytetrafluoroethylene (a.k.a. Teflon) ensure smooth and effortless movement over your mouse pad or desk. Logitech has replaced the standard drill cable with a braided version that looks really nice. If you've used a wireless mouse, it may take some time to get used to a cord again, but you certainly won't want to have to recharge your battery.

The G5 will work fine out of the box, but you will most likely want to install the bundled SetPoint software for additional flexibility and customization. Logitech's SetPoint allows you to map each button to a specific function in Windows, or even map it to a specific program like Outlook or Windows Media Player. Other options include adjustable pointer speeds, reporting rates, and other DPI adjustments.

During testing, I found the G5 to be an excellent gaming mouse. I have relatively small hands and I never felt the mouse overwhelm my hand. I've experimented with and without weights and found that a medium weight 800 DPI mouse gives me the best gaming experience. The on-the-fly adjustable DPI comes in handy when you're using a sniper rifle, allowing you to lower the sensitivity for more precise shots. One quick jump back to 800 DPI and you're ready for battle with assault rifles and the like.

Price at the time of writing $ 49.99.


– Adjustable DPI on the fly
– Grippy surface
– Multipurpose scroll wheel (incline wheel)
– Braided USB cable
– Cartridges with adjustable weight
– Relatively low price


– The scroll wheel is a little difficult to press
– Aesthetics are not for everyone
– Those with larger hands may find it a little small

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