Linux Kernel 5.14 Brings A number of Laptop computer Enhancements: Verify Them Out Now

The Linux 5.14 kernel introduced some new improvements for laptops from Lenovo, Dell, Asus, and Microsoft.

The upcoming Linux 5.14 kernel adds several laptop enhancements for devices from Lenovo, Dell, Asus, and Microsoft. So using a notebook device from one of these manufacturers can greatly improve the usability.

Let's see what new features you can expect from the 5.14 kernel version.

What laptop improvements does Kernel 5.14 bring?

Version 5.14 will mainly benefit x86 notebooks from large companies such as Lenovo, Dell, and Asus. According to the kernel release statement, there will be some exciting new features for Lenovo ThinkPad devices and several Dell devices. Linux support for Surface devices should also be improved with this iteration.

Lenovo ThinkPad device users can change their BIOS option directly from system settings. It will emulate the behavior of Dell's WMI system administration Driver who has been out since last year. Kernel 5.14 will also add support for physical kill switches in newer Dell devices.

5.14 ships with bug fixes for the Intel Speed ​​Select Technology (ISST) driver that should address some performance issues many users have encountered. It will also die intel_skl_int3472 Driver for managing camera sensors on many Intel-powered devices.

Additionally, as part of the 5.14 laptop enhancements, ongoing hardware support for Microsoft Surface devices was also promised. In short, the MS Surface aggregator-cdev enables events to be forwarded to userspace. This makes debugging system problems easier for Linux users.

Other than that, Kernel 5.14 will allow users to manage both fans on the Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 9 devices. Finally, that ASUS-NB-WMI Drivers are no longer required for the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 and G15 laptops because they are no longer required.

Improve laptop performance with Linux kernel 5.14

As you can see, Kernel 5.14 brings several notebook improvements for Linux users. Above all, users of Lenovo's ThinkPad and newer Dell devices benefit from this. Microsoft Surface device users also have additional benefits in terms of debugging performance issues.

However, if you are new to Linux you might be wondering what kernels are and how they work. The best way to learn more about them is to start with a beginner's guide to Linux kernels.

What is a kernel in Linux and how do you check its version?

Linux is an operating system, isn't it? Well not exactly! It's actually a kernel. But what is the Linux kernel?

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