Lian Li Tyr PC-X2000 case overview

Every industry has its few elite companies that offer products at a substantial mark-up for those who can afford them. In the computer housing industry, there are only a handful of names that fit this category. Lian Li cases have been around since the early days of case modding and shiny silver-brushed aluminum.

Perhaps one of the most famous premium computer cases is the Lian Li PC-60, which hit the market about 8 years ago and was worth a cool $ 200 at the time. Back then, over $ 100 for a computer case and power supply combination was considered pretty extreme, but somehow Lian Li convinced many that spending $ 200 on a case without a power supply was a good idea.

In all fairness the PC-60 was a very bland computer case, and while it had a certain celebrity style, it never appealed to me. Even though I was wrapped in brushed aluminum sheets, I could resist the price and stand by the cheaper, more traditional steel cases. Over the years, Lian Li released several more box-style enclosures made entirely of aluminum, making them both light and extremely expensive.

More recently, however, they have released a number of new and exciting looking cases, such as the game-oriented armorsuit PC-P80 and the Tyr PC-X2000. The latter that we're reviewing today is a full tower gaming / home theater PC (HTPC) case that was released just a few months ago and is currently one of Lian Li's flagship offerings. At an impressive 68 cm tall and wrapped in black aluminum, this new case is priced at a suggested retail price of $ 590, which is nearly $ 600!

Just recently, we looked into another expensive case, although the $ 400 price tag for the NZXT Khaos looks almost cheap compared to Lian Li's Tyr PC-X2000. Even so, at $ 400 we were shocked at how poorly the khaos were put together and designed.

Despite the high price tag, the Tyr PC-X2000 seems like an impressive product. So let's go ahead and find out what the Tyr is about.

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