Learn how to View CPU Temp and Fan Speeds on Mac

Free Mac apps that monitor CPU temperature and fan speed are hard to find, but some apps do both well.

While you don't have to do this often, there are times when you want to take a look at your Mac's temperature and fan speed. There are a few reasons you might want to do this. Maybe you are trying to diagnose a problem or you are just curious and want to find out how cool or hot your CPU is.

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Regardless, there are plenty of system monitoring apps for macOS that you can use to do this. You can download these apps from their websites or the official app store. Once installed, these apps will run a scan and give you real-time data on the temperature and fan speed of your CPU.

We're looking at two such apps to monitor your Mac's temperature and fan speed.

How to check fan speed and CPU temperature on Mac with Fanny

Fanny is a free, open source app that can be found in the notification center and in the menu bar of your Mac. You click the icon in both places and it will show you both your fan speed and CPU temperatures.

You don't even have to fully install the app. All you have to do is double click on the downloaded file and the app will go straight to your menu bar. From there, click the icon to view the current fan speeds, CPU and GPU temperatures on your Mac.

Use Fanny to view the Mac's CPU temperature and fan speed

You can add a widget for this app in your notification center using the following steps:

  1. Open that Message center on your Mac.

  2. click To edit below to edit your widgets list.

  3. You can find Fanny in the list. Press the Add (+) Sign next to Fanny to add it to your notification center.

    Add the fanny widget to the notification center

Fanny has a settings menu where you can change some of its options, such as: B. the device for temperature, update interval and other options.

How to check Mac fan speed and CPU temperature using Macs Fan Control

Unlike Fanny, Mac's Fan Control (free, with an optional Pro version) doesn't let you display any information in the menu bar. You need to open the app like any other app, then find and view the information you want.

If you have already installed the app, click on the corresponding icon in the menu bar and select Show Macs Fan Control. The app will open and you can see your fan speeds on the left and your CPU temperatures on the right.

Use the Macs Fan Control to view the Mac information

Look carefully and you will find that there is actually a lot more information here than in Fanny. You can view the temperatures of each core of your CPU, as well as the temperature for your hard drive or SSD drive.

You can change various options by clicking Settings Button below. You will see three different tabs for adjusting your settings. These settings include changing the temperature unit displayed, enabling and disabling temperature checks for various items, and customizing the appearance of the tool in your menu bar.

If you find that the speed of a fan is abnormal, don't stick with it. It's rare that you need to do this, but there are ways to control your Mac's fan speed if you need to.

Control Mac fan

Monitor your Mac's fan speed and CPU temperatures

If your Mac is getting too hot or the fan is blowing too quickly, it's best to install one of the apps mentioned above and see for yourself what is happening where. This can be your first step in resolving an issue that can turn into a nightmare if not addressed in a timely manner.

Heating problems are pretty common on macOS and there are ways to deal with them. You should investigate these issues as soon as they arise to make sure they are resolved before they become bigger and complicated.

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