The Windows Key + X Power menu is a quick way to navigate Windows 10. You can use this menu to open tools like Task Manager, Control Panel, and Settings, among others.

On the surface, the standard Windows Key + X menu is a great hub for shortcuts. However, if you dig a little deeper, you'll find the menu's inflexibility because you can't easily customize it.

That's where Win + X menu editor come inside.

Let's see how to use the Win + X Menu Editor to customize the Windows Key + X Power menu.

What is the Win + X Menu Editor and how can I download it?

Win + X Menu Editor is, as the name suggests, a tool that allows you to edit the Windows Key + X power user menu through a user-friendly graphical interface.

Now you might be wondering why we can't edit this menu without using a third party tool?

You can certainly edit the menu without using a tool, but it does require tweaking the system files and registry items. And tweaking critical system files and registry items can lead to catastrophic operating system crashes. Hence, it is best to use a tool that will allow you to customize the Win + X menu without any risk.

To download the menu editor, go to Winaero, scroll down and select Click here to download the file.

After you've downloaded the tool, extract it to a directory of your choice using WinRAR or another extraction program. Now you are ready to tweak the Windows Key + X Power User menu with the Win + X Menu Editor.

Before we customize the Windows 10 power menu, we need to understand how the menu is organized.

First, open the menu by pressing Windows Key + X and you will see that it is divided into three groups. The group above contains items such as apps and functions, mobility center and energy options, among other things. Similarly, two other groups have their respective items.

So there are two ways to customize the power menu: either add or delete tools to the existing groups, or create a new group from scratch.

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Open the Win + X Menu Editor to see the list of all the apps and tools currently on the Power menu. To add something to the existing groups, click on a group you want to customize and press Add a program in the top toolbar.

Next, click Add a program, choose Add a Control Panel item, or choose Add an administrative tools item depending on the type of tool you want to add to the group. You can also choose from a list of preselected items by clicking on Add preset and select from the list.

Let's say you can't live without Paint and want to add it to the Power menu. To do this, click on Add preset and choose colour from the list. Paint will now appear under the selected group.

On the other hand, if you want an element that is not in the preset, choose either Add a Control Panel item, Add an administrative tools item, or Add a program depending on the type of program you want to use.

Assuming you want to add Discord to the list of apps, click Add a program and then select Add a program Once again.

Then navigate to the desired program, select it and click on to open. Discord will now appear in the power menu.

Note here that no matter how many apps and tools you add to the Windows 10 power menu in the Win + X menu editor, the actual menu will not reflect these changes until you restart Explorer. So make sure to click after customizing the menu Restart Explorer in the lower right corner.

So play around with these options and try different combinations of apps to customize the power menu to suit your needs.

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To add a new group to the power menu, select Create a group from the top toolbar. This will create a new group at the top of the list.

Now all you have to do is add apps and tools to populate the group.

Let's fill the group by adding a bunch of shutdown options like shut down, restart, and log out.

To do this, choose Add a programand hover your mouse over it Add preset. Select from the list of presets Shutdown options, and the new group will show shutdown options.

To see the changes in the Windows Key + X power menu, press Restart Explorer in the lower right corner.

To remove an item from the power menu, select the item you want to remove and press Remove in the top toolbar. This will remove all selected items.

You can also remove entire groups using the same procedure. Just select the group and click Remove.

Finally, if you want to undo all of the changes you've made to the Windows Key + X Power menu, click restore default settings in the upper right corner of the screen. Don't forget either Restart Explorer.

Few shortcut utilities are as useful as the Windows Key + X Power menu. Win + X's Power Menu Editor lets you add all sorts of shortcuts, making it a versatile tool when you want to get things done quickly.

Finally, the best thing about Win + X Menu Editor is its ease of use. You can add and remove items and create new groups without touching protected system files or registry items.

In short, you can use the Win + X Menu Editor regardless of your technical level. It's a tool for everyone.

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