Learn how to Crop an Picture Right into a Good Circle With Paint 3D

Who needs powerful editing software to cut an image into a circle? Here's how it works with Paint 3D.

We often need to crop an image into a perfect circle to use in a presentation or as a thumbnail for a YouTube video. By default, several online tools and editing applications only allow horizontal and vertical cropping of images. In other words, they cannot produce circular plants.

Like other tools, Paint 3D restricts the cropping of an image by using horizontal and vertical edges. However, with certain shape features one can achieve a perfectly circular crop. This article shows you how to use Paint 3D to crop an image into a perfect circle.

Here's how to crop an image in a circle in Paint 3D

Paint 3D is installed on every Windows computer. Follow these steps to start cropping your image:

  1. to open 3D paint.

  2. Click on New to start a new project.

  3. Go to Canvas.

  4. On the right side, make sure the Transparent canvas Option is rotated out. If not, turn it off before importing the image.

  5. Go to Menu top left in the software.

  6. Click on Insert to open a picture from your PC. Select the picture you want to use and click to open.

  7. Once your image has been imported, go to 2D shapes and choose the circle.

  8. Draw the circle around the object you want to crop.

  9. Go to to brush and choose marker.

  10. Put the mark thickness to 100 percent.

  11. Color the entire area around the circle black. Apart from the cropped circle area, everything should be filled in with black. If you accidentally draw in the cropped area, press Ctrl + Z to undo it.

  12. Click on Magical selection, and then click Next On the right side.

  13. The circle border is highlighted by default, as shown below.

  14. Then click on Done.

  15. This will allow you to separate the image from the cropped portion. Click the image and drag it off the canvas.

  16. Select the black background and press Clear.

  17. Bring the circular shape back onto the canvas.

  18. Go to Canvas and switch on Transparent canvas.

Now you have a perfectly circular section of your picture!

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Effectively crop your images in Paint 3D

It's pretty easy to use 2D shapes and brushes to create a perfect circular section of an image. After you've cropped the picture, you can save it and use it in PowerPoint slides or even as a profile picture on social media.

If you want more professional edits, use a full-fledged editing program instead.

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