It is Getting Simpler to Regulate Home windows 10’s Refresh Price

Windows Insider Build 20236 has some great features, including a quick way to adjust the refresh rate.

The Windows Insider builds are a great way to see what's headed for Windows 10, and build version 20236 is no exception. With the latest update to the Dev Channel, you can now instruct Windows 10 to adjust the system update rate using a simple drop-down menu.

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How to toggle the refresh rate in Windows Insider Build 20236

Microsoft has published the new feature on the Windows Insider Blog. When you visit Settings> System> Display> Advanced display settingsNow you will see an additional part under the default settings.

The new setting for update customization in Windows 10 InsiderImage credit: Microsoft

In this new section you will find a handy dropdown box that will make it easy for you to choose your ideal refresh rate.

If you're not sure what the refresh rate is, they can make a huge difference visually. In fact, we recently covered the differences between 60 Hz, 144 Hz, and 240 Hz.

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What else is in Windows Insider Build 20236?

Of course, Microsoft isn't releasing a full update just for a dropdown box. There are a few subtle details that affect Windows 10 as well.

For example, users with the dev build installed will find that Windows search looks a little different. You will now see the last four things you were looking for, giving you quick access to the files you need right now.

If there's something in the list that you'd rather not keep, you can click a small X next to it to remove it. Also, this list will not appear until you are looking for something.

If you do not like the new function, you can deactivate it by visiting it Settings> Search> Permissions and History and turn off Search history on this device.

Microsoft is also releasing some new fixes. For example, if you find that an app keeps installing itself, this update will fix it. It also brings some stability fixes to Office apps and fixes some issues that caused BSODS in the previous Insider builds.

However, that doesn't mean that everything works as intended. After all, it's an insider build, so known bugs lurk in the background.

For example, if you try to reset your PC using the Keep My Files feature, you will get an error. Make sure to go through any known bugs on the Insider Build page to see if everything Microsoft knows isn't working with this update.

Some useful new features in Windows Update Build

Microsoft has added some useful features to the dev build on Windows 10. So if you are part of the Insider program, you should definitely check them out. Hopefully these updates will hit the main Windows branch quickly.

If you're interested in what else is planned for Windows 10, did you know that the operating system will soon be customizing its initial setup to suit your preferences?

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A Windows 10 setup hard drive

Windows 10 will soon adjust the setup to suit your needs

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