Apple One is a subscription-based package of Apple's six premium services: Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, iCloud Storage, Apple News +, and Apple Fitness +. Sometimes bundling unpopular products with popular products can make the overall package seem more attractive than it should be. But does that happen to Apple One?

Let's look at various factors that will help you decide whether it is worth buying an Apple One.

Apple One subscription plans and discounts

Apple One prices USA

Apple One offers three different subscriptions.

The Individual plan combines Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple Arcade with 50 GB of iCloud storage. It offers a $ 6 savings compared to paying for these services separately.

The family plan gives you all of the above, but with 200GB of iCloud storage. You can also share these services with five other people through Family Sharing and save $ 8 if you pay for each separately. You save even more if you split the costs among several people in your family.

The Premier plan also includes Apple News + and Apple Fitness +, plus Family Sharing and 2TB of iCloud storage. You save $ 25 on a monthly subscription compared to paying for these services separately. Again, you could save even more if you split the cost.

If you're already paying for all of these separate services, it definitely makes sense to go for Apple One to save on monthly subscriptions.

However, if you don't use one or more of these services, it is worth calculating their individual cost and exploring alternative services to determine if Apple One is still worth the price to you.

Let's take a closer look at what Apple One has to offer.

What's in the free trial version?

Apple One is available for a month-long free trial, including any services that you haven't already subscribed to. Unlike other software, there are no feature restrictions and no commercial breaks. The free trial version allows you to experience everything before you buy.

We recommend that you take advantage of the free trial version to experience all of the services so that you can decide which services you definitely want to use.

Let's take a deep dive into each of the benefits and their (possibly cheaper) alternatives below.

Apple music

Apple Music price in the US

The cost to purchase Apple Music is $ 9.99 / month or $ 14.99 / month for a family sharing plan. In contrast, Spotify charges $ 9.99 for individuals, $ 12.99 for two members, and $ 15.99 for families. Spotify also offers a free ad-supported plan, which makes it an attractive competitor. Amazon and YouTube are also in the same price range.

Aside from cost and music collection, which are similar with other streaming services, there are other considerations as well. Spotify has the best cross-device support, including smart speakers, TVs, and game consoles, as well as access to free and paid podcasts.

However, Apple Music gives you an edge if you are already in the Apple ecosystem. The recently released lossless and spatial audio features at no additional cost provide an enhanced listening experience.

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If you're already paying for Apple Music, the Apple One Bundle is a great deal for both single and family plans. You can get three additional services each month for just $ 5.95 extra.

That means, for the price of Apple Arcade, you also get Apple TV + and iCloud storage. Alternatively, if you're already paying for Apple Music and iCloud storage, you can use Apple One to get Apple TV + and Apple Arcade on the family plan for just $ 2 extra.

iCloud storage

iCloud price USA

Apple competes with Microsoft OneDrive, Google One and numerous other service providers for cloud storage. iCloud offers 5 GB of free storage space and is built into iPhone, iPad and other Apple products. However, Google offers the most generous free service with 15GB of free storage space and is also compatible with most devices.

While the built-in integration makes iCloud an interesting proposition, it's worth comparing different cloud storage services based on your needs.

In general, if all you're looking for is cloud storage, you can definitely find cheaper options outside of Apple One.

Apple TV +

Apple TV prices USA

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and YouTube are important players in video streaming. Apple TV + is a relatively new streaming service and has a smaller selection of shows like The Morning Show and Ted Lasso.

Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming service with a large collection of original and curated content. The ability to add programs to your watch list, get reminders of upcoming shows and use different playback speeds is a great user experience.

Disney + features films and shows from popular productions such as Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars.

In terms of cost, Netflix is ​​$ 8.99 for the basic plan, $ 13.99 for the standard plan, and $ 17.99 for the monthly Premier plan. Disney + is $ 7.99 and Apple TV + is just $ 4.99. You can access YouTube Music and YouTube for $ 11.99 / month, and the family sharing option is available for $ 17.99 / month.

Apple TV +, while cheaper than other services, has minimal content to compete on its own.

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Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade Prizes USA

Apple Arcade is another service that benefits from being bundled with Apple One. It's more popular with hardcore mobile gaming enthusiasts than its contemporaries. Outside of Apple One, Apple Arcade is $ 4.99 / month, just like the Google Play Pass.

The choice between Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass depends on the device. The latter offers an annual subscription for $ 30 and works on non-Apple devices as well. Netflix is ​​also venturing into the gaming arena, which could rival Apple Arcade.

Apple News +

Apple News Prices USA

Apple News + is included in the Premium plan and gives you access to hundreds of premium magazines and leading newspapers. Tons of content that is usually behind a paywall is made available to Apple News + readers. This can attract readers who pay for individual magazine subscriptions and who struggle to keep track of issues.

You can save articles from Cosmopolitan, New York Times, or The Wall Street and read them offline. The interactive graphics and razor-sharp images underline the typical Apple experience. A standalone subscription to Apple News + is $ 9.99 per month.

Kindle Unlimited also offers the same features for the same price, but the user experience doesn't compare to Apple News +. Unfortunately, Kindle Unlimited isn't included with the $ 6.99 / month Amazon Prime subscription. However, you can try it for free before buying it.

Apple Fitness +

Apple Fitness Procing USA

Apple Fitness + is the latest service from Apple and comes with a monthly subscription of $ 9.99 / month. The catch is that you need an Apple Watch Series 3 or higher to enjoy the service.

There are several alternative fitness apps on the App Store, and if you're already used to other apps for tracking your workout, switching to Apple Fitness + may not be worth it. Since the only way to get Apple Fitness plus with Apple One is through the Premium plan, you may be better off with a standalone subscription if you don't want to use the other services as well.

Is an Apple One subscription worth it?

With a difference of $ 5 between the individual and family plans, you get additional storage space and the ability to share the services with up to five other people.

You can switch from the Family to the Premier plan for an additional $ 10, plus access to News + and Fitness +, as well as 2 TB of iCloud storage. You essentially pay for Apple News +, but you also get Apple Fitness + and additional iCloud storage for free. And it's all available to everyone in your family sharing group, too.

News + and Fitness + are both niche services, however, and unless you plan on taking advantage of every service, the Premier plan may not be worth it. For example, if you only want to use Apple Music and Apple News +, it's cheaper to buy both as individual subscriptions than to sign up for Apple One Premium.


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