Intel’s Core i7-11700Okay has already been decreased, 10th-gen components now even cheaper

Shortly: Intel's Rocket Lake desktop chips only arrived a week ago, but one of the processors has already seen a slight drop in price. The Core i7-11700K, which was priced at $ 420, has now dropped to $ 405. A more attractive offering could be the previous generation Core i7-10700K, which fell to $ 317 – a decrease of nearly $ 100 compared to six months ago.

As you no doubt know, the Core i7-11700K – and Rocket Lake in general – didn't set the world on fire, which could explain why this part is getting a price cut so soon after launch. However, if you're upgrading from an outdated processor and want to take advantage of the latest Intel offering, you can get a good gaming chip with PCIe 4.0 support for $ 405.

The Intel Core i7-10700K should be of greater interest to Intel fans. The 10th generation processor was a joint winner of the “Best Gaming CPU” in our “Best CPUs” function. With 8 cores / 16 threads, 125 TDP and 5.1 GHz, it offers similar performance to the Core i9-9900K for less money.

Our price tracker has the highest Amazon price to date for the Core i7-10700K at $ 406 in November. It's available now for just $ 317. And if you're able to do an in-store pickup, Micro Center offers it for even less than $ 270.

This is an excellent offer for one of the best chips for gaming. Check out our table above with the average of seven games at 1440p (using an RTX 2080 Ti). It also has an Amazon user rating of 9.8.

Elsewhere, Micro Center has some other great deals on 10th Gen Intel parts: the Core i5-10600K is only $ 199 while the flagship Core i9-10900K is $ 400.

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