Intel Teases 230 FPS Gaming on 11th-Gen H-Collection Laptops

In a new video post on Twitter, Intel teased that its 11th generation H-series mobile processors will soon be available in new gaming laptops. The chipmaker said its upcoming 11th generation Core i9 H-series mobile processor was "built to get frame rates like no other." The H-series mobile CPU was originally announced earlier this year at CES 2021, but was limited to 35-watt chips in smaller gaming laptops.

In the video, Intel showed that its Core H-series silicon could achieve frame rates of more than 230 frames per second on an ultra-thin gaming laptop – up to 238 fps in certain scenes. However, Twitter users were quick to point out that Intel may have picked scenes in the game to get better frame rates.

"Experienced gamers know that a look at the sky increases the frame rate, ”wrote the Twitter user @ MaxK1989 in response to the Intel video with a sad emoji. "Come on guys."

Designed to achieve frame rates like no other. # 11thGen processors of the Intel Core H series available soon …

– Intel Gaming (@IntelGaming) April 23, 2021

Other social media responses to Intel videos seem similarly skeptical. We'll definitely have to wait until we can compare laptops with Intel's 11th generation H-series CPUs to see if the silicon's performance meets the company's demands for gaming in a number of high-end titles.

"Intel has launched a new line of 11th generation Intel Core H-series mobile processors for gaming that expand the 11th generation mobile family and push the limits of gaming for enthusiasts on laptops as small as 16 in thickness Expand millimeters, "the company said in a press release earlier this year. "These H35 processors are powered by the Intel Core i7 Special Edition 4-core processor with up to 5 gigahertz (GHz) turbo and are specially designed for ultra-portable games. They have a new Gen 4 PCIE architecture to connect to the the latest discrete graphics and offer amazingly low latency and impressive gameplay on the go. "

Given the Core i9 reference in the video, we believe Intel's metrics are based on the higher quality, enthusiast, eight-core gaming silicon for mobile devices, which has a higher output of 45 watts. This will be a good demonstration of Intel's 10nm values ​​in more powerful systems.

Ultimately, these offer a preview of the 12th generation Alder Lake desktop chips that will complete Intel's long journey to 10nm.

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