Intel Pentium G4560: Kaby Lake’s Actual Present

In an epic battle between two cores and eight cores, we used the Core i3-6100 against the aging AMD FX-8320E in late 2015, and although it looked like a certain winner on paper, the Skylake chip turned out to be the better overall package .

It's been 14 months since we published this article, and the Core i3-6100 has indeed become an extremely popular choice with budget builders due to its low cost of $ 120. But what if I told you that similar computing power could be bought for half the price today?

For enthusiasts, Intel's Kaby Lake processors looked like bankruptcy when launched last month. Except for some new motherboards, the seventh generation Core i7-7700K and i5-7600K didn't bring much on the table.

To everyone's surprise, however, Intel made significant changes to its latest Pentium parts. Since the original core-based Pentiums (the 65 nm models & # 39; Allendale & # 39; and & # 39; Conroe & # 39;), the product line has consisted of dual-core chips with two threads, i.e. they do without hyper-threading -Support.

Things have been like this for 10 years, so we were a little confused and very excited to see that the new Kaby Lake Pentiums have two hyper-threaded cores. This essentially makes them Core i3s. The only difference is that the Pentium models have a slightly lower clock speed and use the basic 3 MB L3 cache.

At 3.5 GHz, the Pentium G4560 base model is only 200 MHz slower than the popular Core i3-6100, which technically means that it cannot be more than 5% slower. This is amazing news for budget buyers who were looking for something like the i3-6100 because the G4560 was priced at just $ 64.

We're ready to be the 2017 bargain CPU – or at least up to AMD's Ryzen – and let the Pentium G4560 run through our typical benchmark battery to see how it beats more expensive Kaby Lake chips and some parts of the previous generation behaves.

Synthetic benchmarks

Both the Core i3-6100 and the G4560 have been tested with DDR4-3000 memory to allow a fair comparison with other Skylake and Kaby Lake processors. Technically speaking, the G4560 on a non-Z motherboard can only be paired with DDR4-2400 memory. However, we have found that this has a minimal impact on the performance of these lower price processors.

L1 and L2 cache performance is not affected by DDR memory speed. Here we see that the Pentium G4560 is on par with a heavily overclocked AMD FX 8-core processor.

Cinebench R15 shows us that the G4560 is on par with the fourth generation Core i3-4360, while it is slightly slower than the Core i3-6100.

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