Intel Core i7-4790Ok Satan’s Canyon Evaluation

After the overwhelming Haswell update last month, Intel says overclockers can look forward to the latest version of their fourth-generation core processors, code-named Devil & # 39; s Canyon, which actually promises some improvements on the CPU side, including updated packaging materials and deliver more capacitors for more uniform performance, as well as a "Next Generation Polymer Thermal Interface Material" (NGPTIM).

If you remember, Intel put the voltage regulator on the chip along with Haswell. This caused problems for overclockers by creating an additional hot spot on the chip. In addition, the company has never changed Ivy Bridge's thermal interface (TIM) material. This was seen as a downgrading from Sandy Bridge and caused parts of Ivy Bridge and Haswell to run hotter than older Sandy Bridge parts.

Additional capacitors and a new thermal interface should make Devil & # 39; s Canyon Intel's best overclocking chips so far – or at least we hope to see this from the flagship Core i7-4790K we have on hand …

Get to know the Core i7-4790K

Like the Core i7-4770K before, the 4790K is an 1150-pin LGA processor that is compatible with Intel 8 and 9 chipsets (although a BIOS update is required for 8-series boards to use the 4790K work).

It's also worth noting that while the 4790K has a new TIM, it's still compatible with all LGA1150 coolers.

Without considering the new TIM and capacitor upgrades, the Core i7-4790K appears to be an overclocked 4770K on paper. The core frequency was increased by almost 15% from 3.5 GHz to 4.0 GHz (up to 4.4 GHz Turbo Boost). As a result, Intel increased the TDP rating from 84 W for the 4770K to 88 W for the 4790K.

Aside from these improvements, both quad-core Haswell processors are eight-thread thanks to hyper-threading support. The 4790K has the same 8 MB L3 cache with 256 KB L2 cache per core. The same Intel HD Graphics 4600 graphics were used, operating between 350 and 1250 MHz.

The Core i7-4790K will be available for just $ 339 as the 4770K. Although this doesn't provide an incentive to upgrade for 4770K owners, people who want to buy the 4770K should find the 4790K attractive.

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