Intel Advertising and marketing Gaffe Topped the M1 as World’s Finest CPU

Has Intel conceded the silicon war to Apple in its latest ad? In the latest marketing campaign promoting the company's 11th generation processors as the world's best silicon for thin and light laptops, Intel unveiled an Apple laptop that doesn't even run on its latest and greatest mobile silicon.

Intel claimed that the world's top processor title is "based on unique features and tests of the Intel Core i7-1185G7 processor," as the fine print suggests. The ad was discovered and shared by Twitter user @juneforce.

"That's why it's so ironic," wrote Twitter user @juneforce in response to another tweet. “They're promoting the 11th generation Core i-series when no Mac has them. Plus, they differentiate MacBooks with Intel chips and probably don't compare performance to the M1 version, probably for good reason. "

Apple had never used the processor on any of its current or previous MacBook Pro or MacBook Air laptops, however, and it appears that, according to MacRumors, Intel used a photo from Getty Images depicting a user with a MacBook Pro on headphones was using a magic mouse. Without reading the fine print and seeing the picture of a MacBook Pro, some could confuse the news from Intel and assume that the world's best processor on a thin and light laptop is actually Apple's M1 CPU.

Apple, once an Intel partner, parted ways with the chip maker in a WWDC announcement last year. Since then, the Mac maker has launched new laptops and desktops based on a proprietary solution called the M-Series CPU. Apple's M-series CPUs have been praised by users as being powerful and energy efficient because they are based on the arm processor designs used on smartphones rather than the x86 architecture used by Intel and rival AMD . In addition to its new M1 machines, Apple is still selling older Mac models with Intel processors and AMD graphics.

Ever since Apple launched its MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini with M1 processors, Intel has encouraged the performance of its silicon and laptop designs a lot from its partners. In a previous ad, Intel hired actor Justin Long to portray the character "I'm a Mac" in Apple's since-discontinued advertising campaigns to promote the virtues of Intel partner laptop design.

While this latest marketing mix-up may be embarrassing for the company, it isn't the first time Intel has stepped up its news about the advantages of its processor design. In a call for earnings, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger spoke about the benefits of the company's upcoming 7nm Meteor Lake processor while also telling investors that the company had invested $ 20 billion in new factories to serve Apple as a customer to advertise. Essentially, Intel hopes to one day manufacture Apple's M-series processors at one of the two new chip manufacturing facilities in Arizona.

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