How you can Verify the Construct and Model of Home windows 11

While you don't have to check the build or version of your Windows PC often, there are times when you might want to check them out. For example, if you encounter an error that is specifically tailored to your Windows 11 specs and you are looking for solutions, information about your Windows build or version can be useful.

In this article, we're going to cover a few simple ways, among other things, that you can use to find out the version of your Windows 11.

How to check your current build of Windows 11

The easiest way to find out your Windows 11 build is through the Run dialog box. Here's how:

  1. Go to the start menu Search bar, enter Runand select the best match.

  2. Then im Run Dialog box, enter winver and press OK.

You will then get the Via Windows Dialog box where you can find the build of your Windows 11.

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Here's how to find the Windows 11 build from Windows Settings

However, the Run dialog box isn't the only method you can use. You can also find your Windows 11 build in Windows Settings. It also tells you the version, edition, and even the date you installed Windows 11 on your PC in addition to the build information.

To get started, do the following:

  1. Start the Windows settings. Now press either Win + me or go to Start menu Search bar, enter "settings" and choose the best match.

  2. As soon as you are on the system , scroll down and select that Above Section.

Scroll down to the Windows specifications Section and you will find the build, version, and other technical information about your Windows 11.

Here's how to find the Windows 11 build from Command Prompt

The two methods we just covered were easy ways to get information about your Windows 11 build, version, and other information. But if you're not much of a GUI person we'd get it. In this case, you can use Windows Command Prompt and find out the specifications of your PC.

To begin, go to the Start menu search bar, type in Command prompt, and choose the best match.

After the command prompt starts, enter the following command:

wmic os gets BuildNumber

This will give you the latest build of your Windows 11.

You can also learn other useful information from the command prompt, such as: B. the version, OSArchitecture and Caption of your Windows 11. Use the following commands:

wmic os gets Caption, Version, BuildNumber, OSArchitecture

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Find the build and version in Windows 11

While the information about builds, versions, and other detailed issues is unnecessary to most ordinary users, it can sometimes be useful. Whatever your specific needs right now, hopefully this article has helped you find the build and version of your Windows 11 computer.

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