How you can Use the Home windows 11 Images App

The Photos app in Windows 11 has been one of the most anticipated features since the new OS was introduced.

A new Photos app might sound boring to some, but the unique look and some innovative features of the new Windows 11 version give it an edge over the Windows 10 app. So let's take a look at the Windows 11 Photos app and see how you can use it to view, edit, and enhance your photos.

View the information of an image

There are times when you want to know the details of an image, such as: For example, if you want to know if its size is suitable for a digital album. In Windows 11, you can easily view this information.

While viewing an image, click the or information Icon on the photo toolbar that appears above the picture. The right pane will open, where you can view image details such as the date, size, and resolution of the image.

Watch a slideshow of pictures

If you want to share your pictures with friends or family, you can always enjoy them in a slide show.

To view a slideshow of all the images, click the Three point in the top right of your Photos app and select Slide show from the drop down menu. This option will start a slideshow of all the pictures you have.

Alternatively, when viewing a photo, click the Three point in the photo toolbar and select Slide show from the drop down menu.

To view an album's slideshow, just click the game Button on the top bar of the album you are viewing.

Compare images with the new multi-view experience

If you're a photographer, you probably know how difficult it can be to compare two similar photos to choose the right one. You can't do this comparison in Windows 10 by default, but the new multi-view look in the Windows 11 Photos app makes it easy.

When you view an image, a "filmstrip" of images appears at the bottom of the window. This new filmstrip also lets you jump right through your photos by selecting the image tiles.

When you hover your cursor over a tile, you'll see a check box in the top right corner. Simple Tick the check box and this image will appear next to the one displayed. Now you can easily compare them side by side.

You can choose as many pictures as you want to compare tick the check box on their tiles.

And to enjoy photos in their full glory, you can close both the photo editing toolbar and the filmstrip by clicking the photo viewer. You can then surf left and right without distraction.

The Photos toolbar has also been updated in the Photos app. Now it's easier than before to access options like editing, rotating, and retouching images.

When you click Open an image, the updated photo toolbar appears at the top of the image. Then click on that To edit Button to open editing options.

On the editing screen, you can crop, rotate, flip, change the aspect ratio, adjust brightness and contrast, and even remove red eyes from photos.

There are also several cool filters that you can apply to your pictures.

You can even draw on your photos with your mouse or a pen on supported devices. Just click on the To draw Icon on the photo toolbar and opens the drawing page, where you can draw on your picture using effects such as a pen, pencil, or calligraphy pen.

After editing your picture, just click Save a copy to save your edited photos.

The updated photo toolbar also gives you the option to access third-party editing apps for more advanced editing. Just click the three-dot menu in the photo toolbar and select Edit photos like a pro.

The Microsoft Store opens, showcasing the best editing apps like Luminar AI, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Affinity Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, and Picsart. Then you can install it and use it to edit your pictures.

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Create an album

You can also create digital photo albums for special occasions. Your pictures are also organized and easily accessible in albums.

To create an album, click the Double image Icon in the top bar of the Photos app. Click on album from the drop down menu.

Now select the images you want for your album by checking the boxes in the top right corner of each image. Then click on Create at the top right of the Photos app and your new album is ready.

Import pictures into the Photos app

The Photos app will recognize and display all the pictures on your computer (be it downloaded pictures, screenshots, or pictures taken by the webcam). If you're using a Microsoft account, you'll also see all of the photos on your OneDrive. But if a certain picture folder or pictures are not showing, you can import them with a few clicks.

click on the Import Icon in the top bar of the Photos app. Then, depending on where you want to import the images from, select From a folder or From a connected device.

Change the date of a picture

For some reason, you may want to change the date of a picture in the Photos app.

When you open the Photos app, you will see the thumbnails of all photos. Just right click an image and choose change date from the drop down menu. A calendar opens in which you can change the date. Then click on Tick Button to save the date.

Organize images by people

You can quickly and easily identify and organize photos of friends and family using the People feature in the Photos app. The People feature uses face recognition and face recognition technologies to identify and group similar faces in multiple photos or videos in your collection.

To sort pictures by person, click persons in the top bar of the Photos app. Then click on Yes sir to enable the People setting.

First, import some photos from your PC or phone. And in a short time the people function recognizes people in every photo and groups them.

Add images to favorites

They have a huge collection of pictures, but there are some that you like better and want to show off to your loved ones. Well, you don't have to look for it every time.

Just add them to your favorites. Just click on the heart Icon in the photo toolbar and it will be saved in your favorites. Alternatively, just right-click an image and choose Add to favorites.

Change the appearance of the Photos app

You can also use the Windows 11 Photos app to change the way it looks to your liking.

To change the look of the Photos app, click the Three point button at the top right of the app and select settings. Simply scroll down to the settings in the Appearance Section and select Bright, Dark, or System setting to choose your preferred look.

Have fun viewing and transforming your pictures with the new Photos app

The Windows 11 Photos app is designed to sync with the new visual design of the new operating system. You'll notice rounded corners, updated, bolder typography styling, and new themed color palettes throughout the app.

And now you know the new features and functions. So go ahead – enjoy viewing and enhancing your photos and sharing them with loved ones.

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