How you can Kind or Insert the Apple Emblem () on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Do you need to enter the Apple logo on your iPhone, iPad or Mac? It's easy when you know how!

Did you know you can easily type or paste the Apple logo () into messages, notes, browser search bars, and other text fields on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac? It may not display properly on non-Apple devices, but if you've invested heavily in the Apple ecosystem, that's not something to worry about.

Here are the different ways to enter the Apple logo on your devices.

How to enter the Apple logo on a Mac

To paste or type the Apple logo on Mac, make sure you're in a text box, then press Option + Shift + K. Your Mac will automatically add an Apple logo ().

Please note that if you are using a Windows keyboard with your Mac, you will need to press Alt + Shift + K to enter the Apple logo ().

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How to enter the Apple logo on an iPhone or iPad

You can also easily type the Apple logo into any text box on your iPhone and iPad, but to do that, you'll need to set up the text replacement feature first.

Text replacement shortcuts and phrases are synced through iCloud, so you can use this trick on all of your other Apple devices too, once you've set it up. Just make sure everyone is signed in to their Apple ID account and using iCloud.

To enter the Apple logo on an iPhone and iPad:

  1. Tap and hold to copy the Apple logo shown here:

  2. Go to now settings > Generally > keyboard > Text replacement.

  3. Tap the Plus symbol (+).

  4. Next to phrase, paste the Apple logo you just copied.

  5. In abbreviation, enter any shortcut you want to use, e.g. B. Apple logo or AAPL. Just make sure you are probably not typing if you don't want the Apple logo to appear.

  6. Tap Save on computer.

  7. Finally, open any text box, enter your shortcut and tap the space bar. Your device will automatically replace your shortcut with the Apple logo.

Please note that if you're using a third-party iOS keyboard such as SwiftKey, tapping the space bar after entering the shortcut may not automatically enter the Apple logo. However, it does appear in the text suggestions above the keyboard. Tap to paste it.

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The Apple logo does not always appear on non-Apple devices

Please note that if you paste the Apple icon into a document, blog, note, or message using the steps above, it may not display correctly on all devices. Instead, the Apple icon can appear as random shapes on Android, Windows, and other non-Apple platforms and software. So make sure you use it carefully.

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