How you can Convert M4A Recordsdata to MP3

If you've ever used iTunes or Apple Music and downloaded music from there, you'll likely come across the M4A file format a few times. Although this can be handy in some cases, you may prefer to convert your M4A files to a more versatile and popular format like an MP3 file.

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How to convert your M4A files to MP3s so you can play your music practically anywhere.

Step 1: Select your M4A file


There are a number of cloud conversion sites out there, but our favorite for this particular task is CloudConvert. Go to his homepage, click the red Select File button, and then select the M4A file you want to convert. Clicking the Select File button directly opens a file explorer view of your system from which you can select your file. When you click the down arrow button, you can choose from a number of other sources, including: B. DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box or a URL.

A possible alternative online converter is the online audio converter. For more information on this method, see our converting FLAC to MP3 manual.

Step 2: adjust your output settings

Screenshot of the Cloud Convert conversion screenScreenshot

Once you've selected your file, the conversion options screen will appear. Click the file format arrow and select the MP3 option from the list of audio formats. Unless otherwise stated, CloudConvert automatically converts your file into an MP3 file with a variable bit rate between 220 kbps and 250 kbps.

You can click the wrench icon next to the drop-down menu to customize the file's output settings. From there, you can change the bit rate, crop your audio file, and more. When you are satisfied with your settings, click on the red "OK" button in the lower right corner.

Step 3: convert the file

Convert screenshot of buttonScreenshot

Click the red Convert button on the right. After the conversion process is complete, your file is available for download.

Step 4: Download your new MP3

Cloud Convert Download Screenshot of the download pageScreenshot

A preview of your new MP3 file may be played automatically for you once the file has been converted. A green download button will appear, indicating that your MP3 file is available. You can click the button directly and your file will be saved in your default download folder.

Alternative: Apple Music App for MacOS

MacOS users can also use the Apple Music app to convert their M4A files to MP3 tracks. Here's how:

To do this, open the "Settings" menu and adjust your import settings to use MP3 encoders. Then just select the file you want to convert to your music library. Click File, then Convert, and then click Create MP3 Version. After that, iTunes does all the heavy lifting for you.

If you'd like a dedicated device to play these newly created MP3s, check out our suggestions for the best modern MP3 players once you're done!

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