How you can Change the AirDrop Identify on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Make your Apple device stand out from the crowd by customizing your AirDrop name. That way, friends can easily find you to transfer files and photos.

With AirDrop, you can send anything between Apple devices with just a few clicks, even without an internet connection. Unless, of course, a dozen devices pop up and you can't find your friends' devices.

To avoid sending photos, videos, and other files to the wrong people, here's how to change the AirDrop name for different Apple devices.

How to change the AirDrop name for an iPhone

For good friends, they will want a copy of your memories together on their iPhone. To make sure you can find a device on AirDrop from a sea of ​​iPhones, here's how to change its name.

Go to Settings> General> Info> Name. Then tap that X symbol next to the current device name. Next, enter the new iPhone name and tap complete when you're done.

How to change the AirDrop name for an iPad

If your friends aren't iPhone users, they can still own an iPad. So they can change the name on their iPad so that you can easily recognize them for a quick AirDrop.

Go to Settings> General> Info> Name. Next, delete the existing name, replace it with your preferred name and press complete.

How to change AirDrop name on Mac

If your friends are using a Mac, you can change a Mac's AirDrop name. The new name will appear whether you are using a different Mac or transferring a file from an iPhone to a Mac via AirDrop.

On your Mac's menu bar, click the Apple Symbol. Then choose System settings> Sharing. Then click on padlock Icon and enter your password to authorize changes.

Next, at the top of the window, replace the Mac's current name with your preferred name. Finally click on the padlock Icon again to complete the changes.

Changing the name of your Mac will also change your local network address. So if you have any apps or devices that use this address, make sure you make the change for them too.

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Make your Apple device easy to find with a new AirDrop name

When it comes to sending files from one Apple device to another, AirDrop is one of the easiest ways to do it. By giving your iPhone, iPad or Mac a unique name, you can make sending photos, videos or documents faster and safer for everyone.

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