How To Enhance Web site Visitors With Free Visitors Generator Safely

I don't think I have to tell you what a free traffic generator is.

Rather, it's important to show you how to use it safely to increase the number of website visitors.

I keep hearing a frequent question from my readers.

How can I increase traffic on my website?

Should I use a free traffic generator?

And I always give the same answer. Of course you should. But have to pay attention to the right way.

Whenever we hear the word "traffic generator" it seems to us to be a tool. Personally, I don't think I'm using the tool.

Ask me why?

Because it is in the black hat SEO Process and deadly risky for a website.

Google doesn't treat this positively to direct traffic to the website. In addition, Google can block your website due to spam.

If you use AdSense On the website I strongly recommend not using a traffic generation tool. Otherwise you will lose your account. Because Adsense only offers natural traffic.

Since visitors come from the free traffic generator through a handy automation process, It is not possible to sell partner products to them. You cannot convert it to a lead either.

Because of the automation, a large number of visitors will come to your website at the same time. In addition, if your server is not strong enough It will come down and damage your website also.

Since you have so many disadvantages in this post and are still looking for a common tool for generating website traffic, I am sorry to inform you that this post is not for you. Instead of wasting time here, you can see my other posts.

However, if you are patient and want the flood of a natural visitor with manual traffic generator on the website, you are very welcome. You are in the right place.

I will introduce you to some applicable ways that can easily and safely bring a lot of traffic.

I recognized it as a generator for free traffic. Which are 100% effective and obviously the process is white label SEO.

A quick look at website traffic

Website traffic is the basis and life of every business on the Internet. The term "Traffic on a website" means how many users visit a website each day. It is calculated weekly, monthly and even annually.

For the online community, a single visitor is treated as website traffic.

Website traffic is very important because you can't get conversions without visitors. The more visitors, the greater the chance of increasing the conversion rate.

Oops! I think you are a little confused about the terms "conversion".

Do not worry.

Let me give you an exchange rate.

Many people visit your site for various reasons. When a visitor buys your service or product, it means that the visitor becomes a customer. This is called conversion.

For example, you have an online clothing store. They have 100 visitors a day. Among them, 20 people buy your shop items. That means you get 20 customers with 100 visitors. So the conversion rate is 20.

What do you get from the example?

Yes, you get two important points.

  1. Web traffic is the key question for any online business success.
  2. More traffic, more profit.

Because of this, many website owners are inspired to use the free traffic generator to increase their website traffic.

Let's see how I use some methods as a website traffic generator to get a lot of visitors.

Use the search engine as a generator for free traffic

The number one traffic source is definitely a search engine. A large number of visitors to a blog or website come from various search engines. Without the help of the search engine, it is almost impossible to get visitors.

Search engine

Every day, millions of people search for a different topic in a search engine. You must take this opportunity. This way, the visitor receives your website very quickly and easily. This can be the best way to increase traffic to a website.

To do this, you have to go two burning ways.

  • Submit the website to various search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • The website must be search engine friendly

Let's see why we say search engines are a big source of traffic.

What do we generally do when we find something on the Internet?

We write the topic in the search field "search engine" and press enter. Many results related to the search are displayed. From there we enter the website that we like.

For this purpose, Google adheres to its own rules. If we send our website to Google according to these rules, Google will easily put our website in front of the user when someone searches for something that matches our website.

It is now important that Google takes a website to the first page of the search results, taking into account the factor.

There are more than 200 Google ranking factors. Read out now.

Why am I prioritizing Google?

The Google search engine is the most used and popular search engine. It stands for number one in all search engines.

According to Wikipedia, Google has more than 4.5 billion active users and is used in 123 languages.

It's easy to assume that Google is the first choice when Internet users are looking for something. By the way, never stop at Google. Try to use all search engines.

Start and reach the target user

If you understand the target groups and make your website available for them, this will serve as a free traffic generator for you.

It is very important to understand the market for every company. Because if you don't know where to sell the product, your money will be washed out of the water.

Target user

That means you will not succeed in your business.

Take a look at the following example.

Suppose you have a ready-made clothing store. Where only women's clothes and related products such as beautifully designed dresses, ornaments, parts, etc. are available.

Of course, you want your products to be sold more.

To achieve this goal, you must advertise the product to the target group.

Since you sell women's towels, your main customer is female. If you now start your doctorate according to the average formula, your money is left to the risk.

Therefore, success is only possible if the product is delivered to the right customers.

The question now is how to find the right customers.

Basically, it is not magic that you will soon find the customer you want. This is a research-oriented task.

You have to learn to use social media. Because it is a great resource to find the users you want. From here you can easily understand the choice of people. You can also know what type of product you are looking for.

Where the visitor can spend more time, a lot of traffic is available on your website. Hope you understand the point.

Understand audience demand

Before creating content, treat yourself as an audience, not a writer. Try to give priority to the needs of the user and not your own wishes. This not only increases your visitor, but also your conversion rate.

Audience demand

I have another article about writing website content. I suggest you read this article before trying to create content.

Without the visitor's website, a website is meaningless like a human body, an inert particle without the soul. Visitors are the life of a website.

The more visitors, the more sales. The more the sale, the more the profit.

Inspire your audience

Nobody likes boring articles, especially when someone visits your website, they want to read something interesting.

target group

This means that you always have to present your content in such a way that the reader feels comfortable. Make him / her happy.

Readers like history. Say what you want, but not directly. Tell them in a way that tells stories. Make them feel like they're not reading a boring article, they're reading an interesting story.

Remember, if you want to satisfy your current reader, they will definitely be informed about their offline and online friends on your website.

Do you understand the point


You're right. A satisfied reader can bring thousands of readers with them like a generator for free circulation.

Article marketing itself is the best generator for free traffic

In today's technological age, people rely on information. Before buying a product or service, they collect detailed product information by searching various websites on the Internet. They buy a product or service after learning about it.

Article marketing

For this reason, article marketing is very important for product advertising.

You need to create high quality items. It refers to the delivery of a product or service to the customer in detail through the article.

In other words, article marketing is the easiest way to get standard traffic on a blog or website.

Depending on the quality of the article, a reader was drawn to your letter. If you can definitely create the website visit mentality in your head through your writing, you will find it on your website.

If you as a blogger want to make your blog popular with everyone, you have to pay special attention. You need to create nice blog reviews and post articles on different websites. This way, you get an unlimited number of readers from these published websites, and this article link creates new readers for your blog.

There are many free websites where you can do article marketing. Such as Ezine Articles, ArticleCity, Buzzle, Articlebiz etc.

Article advertising works as an updated generator for free traffic

Media is the best way to advertise goods or services or business organizations.

Time has given the media a new style. Delivering the message through a dove is now the story of a fairy tale.


With electronic or print media, news about the service or product can now be delivered to customers overnight, and the Internet has added new dimensions to them.

Reaching more customers through advertising has become a challenge in the highly competitive market. However, if there are satisfactory and precise plans for ad innovations, it is possible to easily attract customers.

Article advertising is one such term. A campaign for an article is published on various websites, blogs, Facebook, etc. Readers are informed that effective writing will be published shortly. Even after publication, you can increase your readership by adding links to sponsored articles on various websites.

Once your article is fully finished, you will need to do some work before posting it on your website.

Would you like to know what works?

OK. Let me illustrate.

You need to create a small but interesting version of your entire article. Simply put, like a movie trailer. How a 2-3 hour movie is shown to viewers within 2 minutes, just like that. The viewer is only interested in watching the entire film when the trailer captures his thoughts.

You must also immediately create a trailer for your article. This will make a user interested in finding the full article. This mini-article is advertised on various social networks.

Think more about advertising, more about the chance of getting users. This process is known as article advertising and works as a free traffic generator if you use it properly.

Create many target groups on social media

How can I find website visitors in a short time?

Obviously none other than social media.

Social media

The social media site plays a big role in increasing the number of visitors to a website. In any case, it's a free traffic generation tool to increase traffic on a website. You cannot exclude social media.

So you have to be smart to use it.

There are various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and many other social websites.

These social websites are very popular and billions of visitors roam every day. Here you need to create pages, profiles or groups for your website to increase the audience. This means that you have to increase the likes and followers of the pages and profiles and increase the members of the group.

Let me explain the basic strategy for social networks.

  • You can create pages or groups for your website on Facebook and update them regularly.
  • Need to make new posts on Twitter.
  • Get active on Google Plus.
  • Use Pinterest correctly.
  • Promote your pictures on Instagram for your valued customers.
  • Submit your article to "Reddit" and "Digg". These two special platforms have many followers. Having your article on these platforms increases your website traffic.
  • There are various online forums. The content of your website can be published as a link in these popular forums. Then the visitor comes from there.

Contribute your content in the right way

You need to make sure that your content "contributes" correctly. Only then will you achieve the highest traffic growth.

I think you are confused about the contribution of content.

Do not worry. See the interpretation.


In terms of content management, I feel comfortable with "post" and not "share". As if both words are the same. When I use Contribute, I feel particularly responsible, while sharing seems to be a regular requirement.

However, you can use one of them. It does not bother me.

Let me share some content delivery techniques to help you achieve maximum engagement, shares, and visitors.

Technique No. 1: Optimize the content for each individual platform

All social media follow their own style. You have an individual location structure. The same content is displayed differently on different platforms. You need to improve your content so that everyone is breathtaking and shared.

As an example, we show here that there are structural differences between Facebook and Twitter posts.

For Facebook,

  1. The optimal size for content images is 940 x 788 pixels. (Data source: Houndstooth Media Group)
  2. The ideal length of a Facebook post is less than 40 characters. (Data source: Sprout Social)
  3. Make sure you add a link under the image description area.

For Twitter,

  1. The optimal size for content images is 1024 x 512 pixels. (Data source: Houndstooth Media Group)
  2. The ideal length of a tweet is less than 100 characters. (Data source: Sprout Social)
  3. Make sure you add a link in the photo description area.

Technique 2: Develop a content sharing calendar

Tell me one How often do you share content on social media?

Oops!!! Narrow question !!!!

Thinking …… thinking …… and ……… .. thinking.

Can't remember.

It's actually hard to remember.

Do you know why?

Because you publish content when you have free time. It depends on your will. You are not on schedule. It may be 2/3 content in a week or 4/5 content in a month. Sometimes no content in a week. Even more than one content a day.

As a result, your content sharing strategy will not receive an adequate response at the end of the day.

A release calendar is mandatory here (you can also call it a release schedule). This plan helps you stay disciplined so you don't share your content too much or too little.

Why is calendar sharing important when sharing content?

»This enables you to reach your target group at the time they are online, regardless of whether the time is difficult for you.

»If you get sick and tired or cannot post at a specific time each day, you can have an active social network account with active post planning.

»This makes sense because people who go to your account and find that it doesn't work have errors in your company. Many people can look at this point and think you don't care and pay enough attention to your audience to keep them up to date on new services, products, or other valuable information.

»You can be active even if you are not physically available online.

Given all of the above, we can clearly see that calendering content on social media is one of the best manual tools for generating free traffic to increase website traffic.

Here are some popular planning tools. HootSuite, Buffer & TweetDeck (only for Twitter)

Technique No. 3: Avoid spam activities under all circumstances

You have posted a very high quality post on your website. However, the expected visitors didn't get it.

What do you do then?

You will definitely be disappointed. And you're making a big mistake.

To get more visitors, repeat the same post.

If a post doesn't capture the visitor you want when you first share it, don't try to republish it in a similar process. This is a spam exercise and there is a chance that your audience will turn off if you continue.

You have to think about your content. Why don't you get enough answers? Make the post more interesting than before by blending new descriptions, photos and videos. Share your content with another popular group that has owner concerns.

You have to do this job patiently. Only then can you do your post spam for free.

Technique 4: Add share buttons to your website

I've already said that sharing content is one of the most effective ways to get visitors involved.

To achieve this, you need both a simple and an attractive social sharing button. There are many free buttons for sharing social media in WordPress. Pick a nice one you like equally and place it under the item.

Technology No. 5: Use peak times

According to the Hubspot, here are the selection times for publication in the dominant social networks:


• Weekends: 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
• Wednesdays: 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.
• Thursdays and Fridays: 1pm to 4pm


• Monday to Friday: 12:00 to 15:00
• Wednesdays: 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.


• Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 am to 8:30 am, 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
• Also on Tuesdays between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.


• Daily evening hours and 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
• Fridays at 5 p.m.
• Saturdays from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.


• Anytime from Monday to Thursday: except between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

If you adhere to the rush hour above, it will definitely work as a free traffic generator for you.

Knock your users out regularly

Oh! Someone knocked on my door.

Excuse me.

Let me check who it is?

Wow, I can't believe that! My neighbor came to invite me to his daughter's wedding ceremony. I think I am valuable to him. I am really grateful. I'm sure I'll join the party.

I'm just having fun!!!!!!!!!!

But you have a profitable reason.

When someone hits us, we feel obliged to hit him quickly. It seems important. We tried to answer him. Like I did a few moments ago.

Even though it was just an act. I did it because I want you to understand the value of “knocking”.

Could you think about how to knock on the internet?

Yes, it's possible. It's very interesting. On the Internet, we knock on another person's email.

Internet professionals called it email marketing.

Suppose you have an email address of 50,000 people who regularly visit the website and read the article on your topic. Now if you email your content to all of these people, how about that?

Think about it.

You will think you are giving them value. It will please them and if half of the people among all have an answer to your email, then the number stands for 25,000.

Can you imagine!

With just one email, you brought 25,000 visitors to your website.

Here I gave 50,000 as an example. If you send it to 1 million people, the number of your visitors will also increase.

There are many email providers on the Internet. MailChimp, Getresponse, Aweber etc. are the most popular. You can send the same email to the million dollar address at the same time with just one click.

So collect as many relevant emails as possible and issue newsletters regularly to keep them connected. Email marketing ranks as another best manual effective free traffic generator to increase traffic on a website.

Spread the entire website on the Internet by creating backlinks

There is a saying in Bengali, more funding, more expansion.

Where can you find thousands of websites on a single topic? How do you find yourself there? You need to advertise more to people. The public should know that you have a website about what they are looking for and are welcome to visit them at any time.


Something is happening in your head.

I know you think as if it's possible to tell the people around me, how can I tell the people who are far from me?

There are also options. It is a very interesting and easy task. You don't have to pay a cent.

Dear friend, listen.

There are many similar websites on the Internet. Some of them have already secured a job on Google. Some made a good, authoritative impression. There are numerous visitors to these websites.

Now all you have to do is leave your site link on these positioned and authoritative sites.

Many visitors will get to your website through these links. This process is known as back linking or link building or back link creation. There are many ways to build links.

Here I have mentioned some common practice methods.

1. Comment on the blog
2. Yahoo Answers
3. Quora
4. Participate in the forum
5. Guest blogging
6. Social bookmarking
7. Submission of the directory
8. Press release
9. Link exchange and so on

I am at the bottom of this chat

Before the end I want to share a nice story.

A man started lunching from office to office in a small town. Since he and the store are both new, he didn't get any conspicuous customers in the beginning.

He tried very hard, but failed. There wasn't too much money to advertise the campaign. He got very frustrated.

One day he returned home by bus. A well-dressed gentleman sat on the next seat. After they have covered a distance, they both dive into a friendly conversation.

Mr. is a lawyer. Involved in legal business. He has been in this profession for a long time. Earn well. Live a happy life.

The lawyer has reached his goal. Before leaving the bus, he takes a small but very nice piece of paper from his wallet and gives it to the man. And said it was his business card. Name, office address and telephone numbers are given here. If necessary, he should contact us.

When the lawyer goes down, he returns to the man and says, "Friend, since you are a grocer, give me your business card. I can use you anytime. "

The man becomes shy and says that he has no business card.

The lawyer returns the empty hand.

The man regretted the rest of the way. If he had a business card, he could have had a future customer today.

The next day he makes a business card. And keep some copies in his pocket. He gave his card to anyone he introduced on the way.

What happens then!

After a few days, he receives a large order on the card. Since then, many more orders have started.

It currently supplies food to more than a hundred offices. And when he gets the chance, he doesn't forget to give someone his business card.

Intent of storytelling

That person would have given a business card to promote their own business that they met.

For the same reason, send a message that you have a website for the millions of visitors who are busy online.

You will see that visitors will magically increase.

In reality, there is a difference between sharing your own business card with others and sharing links to your website on the Internet.

In real life you can give your card to anyone, there is little chance of losing it. However, before backlinking, make sure that the website is accepted by Google and relevant to your content.

Otherwise your website is at risk.

I have an article about it. Here I describe in detail how you can protect your website from the penalties of Google.

Backlinks are just like your website business card. The more you can advertise the website, the more you can reach the visitor.

You can even create a link to your website by commenting on the comment section below in this post. Link building is another best way to increase traffic to a website.

Thank you for staying with me

I am grateful that you have received my entire article with patience.

Although using the free Traffic Generator tool can attract large visitors, most of them are fake and worthless. However, if you follow my exhibited methods, you will find a lot more real visitors than the tool.

If you have problems understanding a point or want to know more about it, feel free to ask me in the comment box below. If you need further help, don't hesitate to contact me? I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Every kind of constructive criticism is always noticeable. It makes me perfect. Your answer gives me the inspiration to do more better.

Read on to stay up to date and apply the knowledge you have gained. Thanks to all.

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