How one can Play, View, and Handle Reminiscences in Pictures on Your Mac

Apple's Photo app is not a normal picture gallery. It uses intelligent machine learning to curate, organize, clean up, and highlight your best shots and the most important moments like anniversaries and birthdays.

Photos also curates and weaves images and videos into memories that you can easily personalize and share. Here is everything you need to know about memories in photos.

What is the reminder function in photos?

Memories intelligently scans your photos and videos and automatically creates a personalized collection that focuses on the people, places or events that it considers important.

Photos weaves these images into a curated collection of memorable moments that you can watch as films known as memory movies. These clips come with a title, themed music, and cinematic transitions that you can modify and share.

Reminders are like special sub-folders in your Photos app. You can take certain actions to manage your reminders.

How to play a souvenir movie in photos

Just go to photos, click memories in the sidebar and then select one of your reminders. Hit the Play button on the cover picture. Change the mood and duration by clicking settings Icon on controls for video playback.

How to view your memories in photos

To view your memories, go to photos App, then click memories in the sidebar. Scroll to see all of your reminders, then double-click a reminder to see all of the photos in it.


You will see one of two options with your photos:

  • Show more: Click this button to expand the view to see all of the photos that the storage contains.
  • Show summary: Click it to see just the summary of the contents of your storage.

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You can also see who is in memory by scrolling down to persons. When you double-click a person, Photos will show you other images of that person. You can also scroll down to Puts; double-click the map, then click View nearby photos to view pictures taken in the same location.

How to delete a reminder in photos

Photos will automatically generate reminders for you. You can remove memories that you don't like. Deleting them will not delete their contents from your library. How to delete reminders on your Mac:

  1. Open minded photos.
  2. click memories in the sidebar.
  3. Select the memory you want to clear, then press Extinguish. Alternatively, double-click the storage, scroll down, and then click clear memory.

How to make your own memories on Mac

While Photos is responsible for creating memories, you can also create your own memories by creating a new album or turning an existing album into a memory. In order to do this:

  1. Open that photos App.
  2. click My albums in the sidebar.
  3. click Show as a reminder in the toolbar at the top of the window. Photos transform the appearance of the album into a memory; However, it won't be saved in your Reminders section until you scroll down and click Create photo storage below.

You should now be able to see a reminder made from this slideshow. Clearing this space will not remove the slideshow of photos and videos it contains. They are saved in your photo library.

Add photos from memory to another album

When you have an extensive list of photos, sifting through and sifting through your entire list for specific images to add to an album can be a challenge. Follow these steps to add pictures from storage to an album:

  1. Open minded photos, then click memories in the sidebar.
  2. Select the storage with the photos you want to add and double click on it.
  3. Choose show more, and then choose the pictures you want to add.
  4. Ctrl-click to open the context menu. Choose Add to > New album. Alternatively, you can also click in the menu bar file > Add to > New album with selection ((number) photos).
  5. A new album of the photos will appear, with an open text box for you to enter the file name.

To add your selected photos to an existing folder, select the images, Ctrl + click, select Add toand select one of your existing albums.

Share your memories with others

Memories should be shared. Note that each time you share, you send the photos and videos contained in the reminders instead of the reminder movie itself.

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If you'd rather send them in movie format, you can create your own project slideshow. Slideshows are exported as movie files and can be shared with others.

Seeing certain memories less

Since Photos automatically generates reminders, there are times when you don't want to see reminders with content that you don't like.

Click a reminder you want to see less of, then scroll down to select Have fewer memories like this one.

Other tricks you can do with memories

You can make more of your memories with photos.

Choose favorite memories

You can mark reminders as your favorites for quicker access. To do this, just scroll down and select Add to favorite memories. You can access your favorite memories by clicking Favorite memories Tab at the top of the window.

Photos can create up to three reminders per day, depending on the space available in your photo library. If you have other reminders in the same place or with the same people, you can view them by scrolling down and clicking View related reminders.

Rename memories

Stores are named by default based on the date they were created. You can rename your memories by clicking Information (i) in the toolbar and replaces the current name.

Relive memories with the photo app

The reminder function of the Photos app is an excellent way to relive valuable moments. Do more with Memories by customizing the content, sharing it with others, or finding related photos or images taken with the people and places you love.

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