How Microsoft Is Attempting to Cease You Downloading Google Chrome

Microsoft has a rocky history when it comes to browsers. Internet Explorer helped make Internet surfing mainstream around the world, but when third-party alternatives like Google Chrome hit the market, Microsoft's offering fell short of its new competition.

Its successor, Microsoft Edge, did little to change this situation at first. But then it actually turned out fine as it switched to the same Chromium engine as Google Chrome. And now that it's good, Microsoft actually wants people to use it.

Aside from the fact that his tactics for getting people to abide by them were a little … seedy. And this latest one is no better. So Microsoft is actively trying to get you not to download Google Chrome.

Microsoft wants you to stick with Edge … here you go?

According to Neowin, we learned that trying to download Google Chrome using Microsoft Edge results in a prompt reminding users how good Edge is before downloading Chrome. One of the prompts is a reminder that Edge is built on the same technology as Chrome (which isn't a lie since they both use Chromium) but with the "added confidence of Microsoft".

Another prompt tries to take on a more humorous tone and tells users that Chrome is "so 2008" and that they should stick to the new Microsoft Edge.


And it doesn't even end there. If you try to search for terms like "browser" in Bing, it returns another similar prompt. If you're using Edge, it tells you that you're already using Edge and don't need another browser. And if you're using a different browser, consider using Edge instead, as it's based on the same technology as Google Chrome.

Why is Microsoft doing this?

Microsoft actually has a good thing with Edge now, and we have to admit that. And it shows that Edge's market share is getting bigger and bigger every day. It's as fast as Chrome, and it adds a number of improvements to the standard Chromium experience. So we really wonder if something like this is necessary?

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After all, Microsoft is making it harder to switch default browsers in Windows 11, forcing people to use Edge when opening Windows links, and now it is passively-aggressively telling people to stick with Edge while trying others Download browser.

Now that Edge is actually good, why can't Microsoft let the product speak for itself? These types of practices tarnish the name of Edge and Microsoft in general. You should be able to use any browser without Microsoft being curious about it.

These days, the reason people install third-party browsers isn't really for speed anymore. After all, most browsers these days use Chromium. Rather, it's down to familiarity and, for some people, things like Chrome's sync feature which allows users to sync their browsing data across multiple devices.

Harassing users is not a solution

If Microsoft wants to get people to use Edge and let people know that their product is superior, this is definitely not the way to go. Because if people really want to switch browsers, the harassment is not going to make anyone change their mind. Rather, it might make them even more eager to switch.

We very much hope that Microsoft will change its strategy here.

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