How Does Apple One Work With Current Trials and Subscriptions?

Apple One bundles all of Apple's subscription services into a single discounted package. But what if you already subscribe to one of these services? And what if you already have an Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, or other service free trial? Are you going to lose it when you log into Apple One?

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Understanding how Apple One works with your existing subscriptions and free trials can be a little confusing. But don't worry: we answer the most frequently asked questions below so you know exactly what to expect when you sign up.

What do you get with the Apple One Free Trial?

If you've never subscribed to Apple One in the past, sign up now for a month-long free trial. When you sign up for a free trial, you'll need to select the Apple One subscription you want: Individual, Family, or Premier.

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Each plan offers different services with different amounts of iCloud storage. The plan you sign up for will determine which services and how much iCloud storage you get with the free trial.

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But here's the catch …

The Apple One free trial doesn't include any services you've previously used or previously had access to. It also doesn't include any services that you currently subscribe to.

What services are not included in the Apple One Free Trial?

Apple already offers a number of free trials for its various services. If you've ever activated one of these free trials – no matter how long it has been – you will no longer get access to that service during the Apple One Free Trial. However, you will get access to this service once you pay for Apple One after the trial ends.

The Apple One Free Trial also doesn't include any services you've paid to subscribe in the past or any services you're currently subscribing to.

If you currently subscribe to individual Apple services that are part of your Apple One plan, those paid subscriptions will continue throughout the entire Apple One free trial and will be automatically canceled if you pay for them with your Apple One subscription when the trial ends .

How does the Apple One Free Trial with Family Sharing work?

With the Family and Premier plans for Apple One, you can share any of the included services with everyone in your Family Sharing group. Regardless of how many people are in your family group, all you get is one free trial to share between you.

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If you've already benefited from a free Apple One trial in your Family Sharing group, you cannot get another free trial by signing someone up in your group. You can't even get another free trial if you leave your group and sign up for a custom plan.

What happens to existing free trials when you sign up for Apple One?

After purchasing a new Apple product, you may already have a one-year free trial for Apple TV +, a three-month free trial for Apple Arcade, or a three-month free trial for Apple Fitness +. What happens to these extended free trials when you sign up for a shorter, one-month Apple One free trial?

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Well, everything stays the same during your Apple One trial. You can continue to use your existing free services along with everything else you get with Apple One.

As soon as the trial ends and you pay for Apple One, all existing subscriptions and free trials are automatically replaced.

This means that you will lose the remaining time on your individual free trials and effectively pay for these services as part of your Apple One subscription. Worse, if you cancel Apple One after you've started paying for it, you won't get any of your old free trials back.

Apple does not offer a refund or discount on any of these free trials. So it's usually best to wait until you've used all of the free trials before signing up for Apple One.

If you want to keep your extended free trials, you must cancel your Apple One free trial at least 24 hours before it ends.

What happens to existing subscriptions when you sign up for Apple One?

You may already be subscribed to one of the services included in Apple One. In this case, your active subscription will automatically be canceled as soon as you pay for Apple One.

Your subscriptions won't change during the Apple One free trial. You will continue to pay for your services as usual until the free trial ends.

If you go through an annual subscription at the beginning of your Apple One subscription, Apple will automatically reimburse you for any unused months that you have already paid for. This refund will be based on the payment method you used for the original subscription.

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Monthly subscriptions simply cancel with no refund when your Apple One subscription begins. You may be able to contact Apple directly to request a refund for unused weeks if this changes you for a particularly short period.

How do iCloud storage subscriptions work with Apple One?

Each Apple One plan includes a different amount of iCloud storage, from 50 GB up to 2 TB. If your Apple One plan has the same amount or more storage than you already have, your existing iCloud storage subscription will automatically be canceled when you start paying for Apple One.

However, if you currently pay for more iCloud storage than you get with your Apple One plan, your iCloud storage subscription will continue alongside your Apple One payments. This means that you can add your Apple One iCloud storage to your separate iCloud storage for even more storage.

You can cancel a separate iCloud storage subscription at any time. From that point on, your storage will be reduced to the amount you get with your Apple One plan.

How do you manage an Apple One subscription or free trial?

You can manage all of your Apple One and App Store subscriptions by going to Subscriptions under the Apple ID Settings for your iPhone, iPad or Mac. From here you can cancel or change your existing subscriptions. This is also where you need to sign up for Apple One or activate your one month free trial.

If you are unsure about your current subscription plans, free trials, or renewal dates, please visit this page for a clearer picture of what is going on.


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