It's a small part of a major overhaul to bring the Windows 10 icons into the current day.

Some of the icons in Windows 10 look very dated for good reason. It's been around since Windows 95. Microsoft is trying to change this with incremental updates, and the latest preview build 21390 brings the much-needed paint job to Task Manager.

What's in Preview Build 21390?

If you look at the announcement post on Windows Blogs, you can see all of the new tweaks that come with Preview Build 21390.

The update in general isn't something to get upset about, but there is this one interesting tidbit:

As part of our ongoing iconography improvements, Task Manager and MSI installers now have new Fluent icons.

This patch note references Microsoft's push to update Windows 10's old icons. While every old icon in Windows 10 is being revamped, Microsoft doesn't seem to want to publish them all at once. Hence, we will likely continue to see a small amount of updates until each old icon has a brand new look.

Give the window icons a long overdue iteration

With Microsoft modernizing Windows 10, the old icons are a clear candidate for repetition. Now Insiders can see the new Fluent icons for the Task Manager and MSI installers.

Microsoft recently made some tweaks to the File Explorer icons in Preview in case you missed them. This includes new modernized images for the trash and hard drive icons.

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Microsoft gives Windows 10 a makeover with new File Explorer icons

Yes, even the trash can get a new icon.

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