The latest Windows 11 update is live! Windows 11 Build 22000.120 is now available to users in the Dev and Beta Windows Insider Preview Channels. In addition to some new features, the fifth Windows 11 update also brings a lot of bug fixes, which are always welcome.

What's in Windows 11 Build 22000.120?

One of the biggest changes in Windows 11 build 22000.120 is a new family widget. The Family widget is accessible from the widget system tray icon and allows you to check the status of your family at a glance and see information about recent activities, downloads, and more.

Adding your family members to your system tray could be a step too far for many. However, it does show the general direction Microsoft is taking the reintroduced widgets in Windows 11 with lots of integrations into your Microsoft account.

Another new Windows 11 feature, the chat icon in the system tray, has also received an update. Now the chat icon will display notification badges that allow users to read undisplayed notifications from the system tray. However, the official Microsoft Insider Preview blog advises, "Not everyone will see it right away first."

Other fixes and updates come across the board:

  • Adjustments to the close button in the system tray

  • The Settings app is moved to your active monitor when you use Select Background From Task View

  • The Identify Monitor button is easier to find

  • The File Explorer context menu is compressed for mouse users, which reduces space requirements

  • The File Explorer context menu New Button is now a drop-down list instead of a nested list

  • Adjustments to spacing and size for ALT + Tab, Task View and Snap Assist.

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Windows 11 Development Builds Get the Microsoft Store update

Those Windows 11 users on the Insider Preview Dev Channel are getting an additional update this time as Microsoft is experimenting with Microsoft Store features.

So those doing the dev build should search the Microsoft Store for the following:

  • A new automatic scrolling feature to highlight and discover new apps

  • New design and more details on gaming app pages

  • Updated ratings and rating form for easier feedback

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Windows 11 Build 22000.120 bug fixes

As with any new operating system, Windows 11 has bugs that need to be fixed. The Windows 11 Insider Preview scheme is a key part of finding these errors and eliminating them. The latest Windows 11 build has an extensive list of bug fixes – it's really long – which you can read in the official Insider Preview blog post linked above.

The fixes include the taskbar, the settings app, the file explorer, the start menu, the Windows search, the window function, the Windows security and inputs (keyboards and touch mice) as well as an extensive list of "others".

As above, there are too many to list here, but the Windows 11 team is fixing a multitude of bugs with each cumulative update.

The Insider Preview update for Windows 11 Build 22000.120 is now available for download in Windows.

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