Windows 10 still wants you to use the free modeling program, but that will soon change.

On the one hand, if you can count the number of times you've intentionally opened Paint 3D, you probably have no use for the "Edit in Paint 3D" shortcut menu item that appears when you right-click a file. Thankfully, Microsoft is finally allowing users to remove the option in an upcoming update.

Microsoft's fix for an intrusive option

The news of this update was posted on Windows Latest. Paint 3D was first introduced in 2017 in the Creators Update, which included some tools for creating 3D images.

People weren't that enthusiastic about Paint 3D, however, and Microsoft is slowly making the program an optional download instead of something everyone was forced to do. For example, Microsoft will soon remove the "3D Objects" folder from Windows 10.

Now Microsoft is targeting the "Edit in Paint 3D" context menu item when you right-click a compatible file. This entry is currently a permanent addition to Windows 10. The option remains even if you uninstall Paint 3D. If you click on it, you can download Paint 3D again.

Now Microsoft has confirmed that the Sun Valley update to Windows 10 will remove the Paint 3D option if you've uninstalled the program. However, if you want to keep Paint 3D, right-click a compatible file still gives you the option.

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Remove a relic from the past

If the "Edit with Paint 3D" option keeps bothering you, even after you've uninstalled the app, an in-depth update will fix that problem. The question is whether Microsoft will ever take the step to remove Paint 3D altogether.

Microsoft has already taken the step of making Paint 3D an optional rather than a forced choice. The company recently confirmed that it is removing the program from new Windows 10 installations.

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Microsoft is removing two standard apps from new Windows 10 installations

Your future Windows 10 installations will not include Microsoft Paint 3D and 3D Viewer apps.

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