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The new feature is schedules for a future update, but you can use it today if you want.

For a long time Windows only had a handful of power options in the Start menu, such as: B. Restart, shutdown and turn on your PC. Now, after all these years, Microsoft is adding another option, and it's a fantastic tool if you want to get back to business after restarting your PC.

The new energy option for Windows 10

Windows Latest has recognized the appearance of the new option in the preview channel for Windows 10. The new option is called "Restart apps after login" and the name says it all.

Some Windows 10 apps are coded to remember where they were before restarting the computer. However, it is a little difficult to get the feature working on Windows 10 now, and it is very likely that some users won't even notice that this feature is there.

With the new option in the start menu, you can turn this function on and off at the touch of a button. When this option is enabled, all compatible apps save their status when you turn off or restart your PC while the app is still open.

This new toggle option will be released along with the major Sun Valley update. Sun Valley will be rolling out a huge, comprehensive visual update for Windows 10, and that feature will be only a small part of the larger update.

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The thing is, you can actually use this feature today. The update only offers the option of switching this function on and off via the start menu. The ability to restart apps after logging in is already in the main branch of Windows 10, version 20H1.

To enable it, click the Start button, click the Settings gear, go to Accounts, and then go to Sign-in Options. Scroll down to the "Restart Apps" option and toggle the toggle switch on.

A new toggle for an existing function

A new option will be added to the Windows 10 Start menu, but the functionality based on it is already available to users. However, adding a toggle to the Start menu brings the feature to the attention of users all over the world.

If you're still in the dark about all of the power options available to you in Windows 10, then you should check them out. With them you can really fine-tune your system, e.g. B. extend the battery life of your laptop.

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