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A "Windows Feature Experience Pack" that is automatically installed on PCs when you upgrade to the Windows 10 May 2020 update has led some to believe that Microsoft Windows 10 may be a bit more modular.

This Windows Feature Experience Pack was determined by reviewing the "System" and "About" sections in the Windows 10 settings and can be used by Microsoft to update Windows faster. With the Windows Feature Experience listed in the Microsoft Store, the company may also consider updating the user interface and other Windows features in a similar way to app downloads, according to respected Microsoft analyst Mary Jo Foley. This would be a change from the current situation, in which important Windows functions are introduced through Windows updates.

When asked about the Windows Feature Experience Pack, Microsoft gave an official answer: "Microsoft has nothing to share." The company has given no further details or reasons why Windows users see this installed on their PCs.

The Windows Feature Experience Pack Image via OnMSFT.com

Foley has found that the Windows Feature Experience Pack is listed under Microsoft "Features On-Demand". This means that it should not be uninstalled from Windows because it "contains features that are critical to Windows functionality". She added that some Windows 10 features, including the updated snipping tool, an updated text entry box, and an updated interface for shell suggestions, are currently included in the package and others may be available shortly. "I would expect more and more Windows 10 shell components to be added to the Experience Pack over time," said Foley in the report.

There is still plenty of room for speculation about the true purpose of this Windows Feature Experience Pack. Since Windows 10X has been confirmed for single-screen devices, this could be Microsoft's beta test feature for the operating system with the Windows Insider program. Such rumors are not new as the package itself has been around since December 2019. There's even a similar one for Windows 10X.

Microsoft recently underwent a restructuring in which the head of surface hardware, Panos Panay, took over the management of a department called "Windows + Devices". This could be Panay's work to unite Windows with the hardware at some point in the future.

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