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Office 365 (or 365) represents a change in the way companies and IT work. If you haven't seen it yet, I strongly recommend that you arrange a demo with us as soon as possible. It is similar to the Microsoft Office desktop suite that companies have been using for decades. Office 365 offers even more. It provides the critical tools you need to modernize your business environment, take control of your business, and provide business features at a low price.

Office 365 was specially developed for the cloud and enables users to access and change their documents worldwide from any computer and any smart device (e.g. tablet or phone). The same cloud features also offer collaboration benefits. Groups and teams can work on a single document or group of files at the same time to maximize productivity and save time before tight deadlines.

Productivity, security, and accessibility are some of the amazing benefits Office 365 offers for modern businesses. Everyone has clear but obvious benefits that can be applied.
This blog article describes some of the lesser-known benefits of Office 365 that could apply to your company. With these features, which only apply to cloud-enabled office packages, you can regain and keep control of your company in any work environment.

Helps bring in external resources

There are times when you need to work with external companies on projects. Whether with an external accountant, accountant, marketing employee, website designer or data entry processor; Your company should be able to make full use of the personnel increase if necessary. To do this, you may need to grant access to internal resources and systems.
This can prove to be a difficult balancing act because it can be difficult to provide useful access without disclosing confidential or sensitive data. Depending on your business, restricting access to sensitive data can be a key compliance issue that is required for all companies in your industry.

Office 365 does not offer free access to all of your data, but enables individual files or entire folders to be shared individually. You can use the privacy settings to determine the amount of system access you provide down to a single file.
Files can also only be protected by editing or view-only access to protect data from unintentional, malicious or unauthorized changes. When the project is complete, access rights for external (or even internal) users can be easily removed.

Keep everything in one place

Office 365 offers your company a single central platform for corporate communication and data storage. A unified system means less business time for employee training and problem solving.

When you use a single system, your data is always in one place where you can access it. Data transfer and file sharing is easy for all employees in the company and does not depend on whether they are physically in your office. By simply changing permissions or sharing links, anyone with an authorized account can access important files.

Account based services

With services based on Office 365 accounts, you can easily and easily reflect the structure of your physical business in digital systems. With the help of your unique domain to identify your company, every employee can be reached by both internal employees and external companies.
For example, mark@yourbusinessname.com can be the address of your technical support manager. Using a unique business-related address like techsupport@yourbusinessname.com.au offers both a professional contact person and a useful account management system. It also provides an easy way to share email within the company.

If mark@yourbusinessname.com was the primary point of contact for your customers' technical support, important emails may be ignored or completely lost if Jane is unavailable. With Office 365 services, other employees can easily access a shared mailbox (e.g. support@yourbusinessname.com.au) so that no emails are ignored.
These simple but highly effective tools ensure that you don't miss important messages from customers, suppliers or contractors. The Office 365 tool suite gives you a competitive advantage to ensure that queries never fall through the cracks and your company maintains a highly professional reputation.

Staying in control of your business doesn't mean sacrificing extra hours, tedious micromanagement, or building complex and costly systems. With Office 365, you can keep control of your business easily and easily.

You'll be surprised how Office 365 can help you run and manage your business. You can now contact us at 661-263-4442 to help set up and run Office 365 correctly.

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