Hitachi SimpleTough Rugged Transportable Arduous Drive Evaluation

We recently tested the A-DATA SH93 portable hard drive, which has a robust design that should be both shockproof and waterproof – at least within reason. After being misused for a few days, the SH93 met all of our expectations with flying colors, surviving several drops on a hard surface from a height of up to 4 feet, and soaking in the sink for half an hour without damaging the drive contents at all.

But, as is often the case with technology, there were some minor tradeoffs to be made. The biggest point of criticism was the supplied USB cable, which was wrapped around the SH93 when not in use. While added for simplicity, we were annoyed at how clumsy and difficult it was to reconnect this cable to the case.

We didn't like its rather bulky design either, at least when compared to a typical 2.5-inch portable hard drive. Understandably, this was an inevitable consequence of the SH93's robustness. All in all, we considered the A-DATA SH93 to be a very good buy at around $ 120 for the 500GB version.

Today we have another rugged portable hard drive designed to improve some of the issues we had with the A-DATA SH93. Known as the Hitachi SimpleTough, this 500GB portable hard drive is a similarly priced offer that can take even more punishment than the A-DATA drive.

According to the drive specifications, the SimpleTough portable drive can withstand a ten-foot drop and withstand the pressure of a 1 ton truck more impressively (see our durability tests for more information).

We are confident, or at least hopeful, that these are not scenarios that you will face. Even if a car hits your drive for some reason, you should always have a backup strategy in place for important files. However, carrying a portable hard drive like the Hitachi SimpleTough ensures that you won't have to overcome the inconvenience of losing data when things get a little rough. Continue reading.

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