Here is Why You will Love HP’s Neverstop Laser Printer

It doesn't take much to get us excited about technology, but we'll be the first to admit that printers, important as they are, can be pretty boring. HP's new Neverstop 1202w tank printer changed our minds. Not only is this one-of-a-kind cartridge-free laser printer a joy, its unique refillable toner tank can save a bundle for small business owners, contractors, home workers, and anyone else who does a lot of high-volume printing. Read on to find out why we love this printer so much and how much it can save you.

If you print a lot, even the cheapest printer can quickly turn into high costs when you factor in the recurring cost of replacement inks or toner cartridges. Laser printers, despite their efficiency when printing in bulk, are particularly likely to cause a sticker shock when it is time to refill, as the average cost of toner cartridges is between $ 40 and $ 60. This is an important consideration for small business owners and other professionals looking to save money, especially now with so many people working from home.

The HP Neverstop 1202w laser tank printer completely breaks these expensive toner cartridges. Instead, this one-of-a-kind multifunction printer is the first to use an easily refillable toner tank with refills that cost only $ 16 per pop. With the Neverstop's toner reload kit, each toner refill delivers up to 2,500 black and white prints. Given that companies refill their laser printers an average of two times a month, it's not hard to see how quickly the Neverstop tank printer can make the savings.

The average four year running cost for the HP Neverstop Tank Laser Printer is $ 378 for the printer itself, 5,000 pages worth of toner, and three reload kits, while the cost of using the Neverstop Laser Tank Printer is less than a penny each Page. Compare that to the cost of $ 0.03 per page for average laser printers in their class, which also typically have much less toner in the box.

Even if it's cheaper to start with, the average cost of ownership for a $ 200 class laser printer, plus the six toner cartridges you need to buy to get the performance of the Neverstop, is $ 582. This also applies to relatively moderate use. If you are a small business owner who prints higher volume, save even more with the Neverstop laser tank printer.

In our tests, we found the Neverstop refill system to be easy to use and straightforward. The printer's refill port is on top of the printer. You can access it by removing a small cover that slides off to reveal the tank inlet. Then simply insert the toner filling into the refill opening, press the plunger and off you go.

HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w Printer

The high capacity toner reservoir can actually hold two refills. That is toner worth 5,000 pages or 2.5 times more than conventional laser printers. This tank system is probably even easier to use than standard toner cartridges. It also comes with a full toner tank so you can print up to 5,000 pages instantly (seven times more pages than traditional laser printers) before you even need your first reload kit.

The drastically reduced cost per page printing and cheap toner refills are the things we love most about the HP Neverstop 1202w Laser Tank Printer, but there are some other great features worth mentioning. The HP Neverstop has a wireless connection that makes it easy to set up on your local Wi-Fi network. However, it is more advanced than your standard wireless laser printer thanks to the HP Smart app for Android and iOS.

Thanks to the HP Smart app, we've found the HP Smart app to be the easiest way to connect and use the printer from a mobile device. Setting up the printer was easy with the HP Smart app and only took a few minutes. Within the HP Smart app, we could easily send tasks (including faxes) from a smartphone directly to the printer. The app can also be used to scan, copy and print from a smartphone and from cloud services such as Google Drive. You can even send pictures you take with your smartphone directly to Neverstop for printing. We found that these smart app features save a lot of time and make it easier to collaborate with others when working on team projects.

The HP Neverstop 1202w tank laser printer is priced at $ 330. However, you can get it right now on Amazon and HP for a discount of $ 30. With the money you save on toner, this one-of-a-kind laser tank printer is one we recommend to all small business owners, remote workers, office administrators, and anyone else who produces a lot of volume printing – and is fed up with spending a small fortune on toner every year .

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