Greatest Webcams for Xbox One

Finding the perfect webcam for your Xbox One streaming plans may be easier than you think. Xbox not only makes it particularly easy to stream to a mixer with an Xbox camera, but almost any third-party camera will also work when connected to an Xbox One USB port. The key is to find one with smooth performance and no mistakes. Most console streamers use such cameras in combination with a headset for microphone recording, especially at Twitch.

First of all, however, you need to find a webcam that is easy to use with your setup and offers all the necessary functions. We recommend the Logitech C925e for those who want the best. However, check out our full list to learn why all of these can be great tips.

Logitech C925e

The 1080p, 30fps C925e is designed as a personal business webcam for important meetings – and luckily because of its features, it's also a great Xbox One camera for your streaming hobbies. First, it is easy to move, attach, and tilt pretty much every edge so that you can set exactly the camera angle you want. Second, it has a fairly narrow 78-degree field of view, which is ideal for players who stream their gaming activities. And thirdly, there is intelligent image adjustment based on the lighting conditions around the camera, so that weak lighting conditions or backlighting can be more easily compensated for.

There's also internal privacy, autofocus, and other features you'd expect from a high-performance webcam. The camera contains two microphones. However, keep in mind that when streaming Xbox footage, you will likely need to use a laptop and headset combination for your microphone needs. Note that you can use the Xbox Twitch app to stream audio directly from a controller-based headset, making this step easier. For other platforms, you may need to get a little creative.

Razer Kiyo

This Razer Kiyo camera has a lot in common with our first choice. It offers 1080p, 30fps video (or 760p, 60fps if you prefer) and is designed for all types of streaming, with auto focus options and low light optimization. However, the Kiyo complements these well-known functions with a unique component: a ring light.

Why do streamers want their cams to glow like this? This is a great help for the light balance, as the camera keeps the subjects well lit even if contrasting ambient light would confuse things. You can also adjust the brightness instantly by turning the ring to what you think is good. Like the rest of our picks, this camera can be easily mounted on a laptop, television, tabletop or anywhere you need it!

Logitech C920S Pro

This reliable model is a low-cost option for Logitech cameras that are in the middle of the street. It offers all the cam features you need to stream your gameplay and keeps things so simple that you can learn them quickly. It offers 1080p, 30fps video, with a 78 degree field of view and a lens cap for privacy. Internal features include autofocus and automatic light correction, as well as Logitech's capture software to record a session for later guidance. If you want to take advantage and stability of a great Logitech camera without paying too high a price, this is a great choice!

Note: This is also a very popular camera. Although it is currently not available in many places on the Internet, it does not mean that it will be discontinued. You only have to wait a few months – it is estimated that new shipments will be delivered around August 2020. Via our link you can receive notifications of availability.

Logitech Brio Ultra HD

On the other hand, you may be looking for one of the top line Logitech cameras for the best streaming quality you can get on Xbox. Streaming Xbox in high definition has its own challenges – many find that a lower resolution allows for smoother results – but if you really want to push the limit, this webcam can reach up to 4k resolution. It also features Logitech's latest light correction software and excellent 5x zooming on the high quality glass lens. This is particularly useful when the camera is on your TV a little further away than you want. There are also three different field of view options for even more adjustments.

There are also options for removing the background through an app that Logitech recommends to download. However, we are hesitant to recommend this part to Xbox users, as the background removal software can easily cause unwanted delays. However, the option is there if you want to try it.

Anivia W8

The W8 is currently the cheapest camera on our list. It is a versatile camera with a flexible, rotatable clip and its own small tripod, which makes it even easier to set up in difficult places. The 1080p and 30fps camera offers different modes for different situations, including low-light setting, color enhancement and exposure settings. Otherwise, it's a relatively simple camera that can be quickly assembled and started!

Hrayzan computer camera

The 1080p, 30fps Hrayzan camera has many similarities to the Anivia model, but some additional features that gamers may appreciate. This includes a data protection cap, light correction, automatic color adjustment and HDR compatibility. It also has an extra wide field of view at 110 degrees, which means you have to position this camera fairly close to get good results. Fortunately, the 6-foot cable can help with that. As with the Anivia camera, this model also comes with a tripod!

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