Greatest Black Friday Printer Offers 2020: Brother, Epson, HP

Although official sales are still a few weeks away, Black Friday deals are already rolling out. Black Friday is also the best time of year to get hot deals on all kinds of expensive electronics. So if you've been thinking about buying a new printer, now is your chance. Whether for yourself or someone you know who is in dire need of a new printer for a home office, there is a bargain with your name on it. To help you find the right one, we've put together a round-up of the best Black Friday printer deals of the year, as well as a quick shopping guide to help you find the right one.

Best Black Friday Printer Deals

How to choose a printer

Choosing a printer may sound like a relatively simple task. However, with today's best printers with some modern features, it can get confusing after you haven't shopped in a while. First of all, you need to set a budget and identify your needs. Do you only need one printer to do a few tasks per week, or is your printer in an office setting that gets hundreds or even thousands of prints done weekly? Are you planning on printing black and white documents or do you want one of the best photo printers for sharing all of your favorite digital photos?

Printers can generally be divided into two categories: inkjet and laser printers. Inkjet printers are fine for most people who just need a printer for simple, low volume printing. They're slower per side and less efficient than laser printers, but inkjet printers tend to be much cheaper and use smaller ink cartridges, which are cheaper than the larger toner cartridges that laser printers need. Even inexpensive inkjet printers usually have value-added features like scanning and copying capabilities, and there are many great inkjet printers out there that offer modern conveniences like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for remote printing.

However, laser printers offer many advantages for large volume printing. This is the type of printer most commonly found in offices and other professional environments. They are more expensive upfront than inkjet printers and require more expensive toner cartridges. They do deliver fast, clean prints, however, and while these toner cartridges are more expensive than ink cartridges, they must turn out thousands of pages before they need to be replaced. This makes laser models the clear choice for high volume printing, although they may be overkill for the average user. Note that many laser printers also only print in black and white, with color laser printers being relatively new to consumers.

Even so, the price of laser printers has come down in recent years, and there are many in the market that are perfect for smaller home offices, dormitories, and similar environments where you may want something more efficient than an inkjet printer but don't need it a large laser printer that you find in a large office. There are also some color laser printers on the market today that are not as expensive as you might think. So if you decide to go with a printer, you have a lot more options in 2020 than you had five or ten years ago.

Where to find the best printer sales

  • Amazon Black Friday: Amazon is offering Early Holiday Deals and dropping new discounts every day through November 19th. This will likely be when the online retail giant announces its official Black Friday sales (or at least brings out some Early Black Friday bargains before the Black Friday weekend). as is the case in the week leading up to Prime Day).
  • Best Buy Black Friday: Best Buy is one of the best places to find printers and of course it has some of the best Black Friday printer deals for 2020 this year. The prices for top models, including laser and photo printers from brands such as Canon, HP, Epson and Brother, are already being lowered.
  • Walmart Black Friday: Walmart is another good place for printer stores, although the selection isn't as extensive as some retailers (which can be a good thing if you're paralyzed). It's an especially good place to find cheaper all-in-one inkjet and laser printers from brands like Canon and HP if you don't need a professional model.

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