Do you want to learn to type faster without looking at your keyboard too often? KTouch is the best typing teacher app for Linux.

The productivity you can achieve on Linux is unparalleled when used appropriately with other operating systems. The keyboard is perhaps the most frequently used input device on your Linux computer. This gives you a lot of leeway to further increase your productivity when typing with touch.

Most of the tasks you do with your mouse or trackpad can be done much faster using the keyboard using a few keyboard shortcuts and touch input. Would you like to try it yourself? This article will help you get started.

What is touch typing?

Typing is a technique that helps you type faster by placing your fingers on specific parts of the keyboard and pressing the keys without looking at the keyboard. This is especially useful if you have a job that requires a lot of typing, such as a typing job. B. as an author or programmer.

With touch input, you can minimize key travel and type more efficiently without moving your fingers too much. Each finger is responsible for a specific set of next keys on the keyboard. Typing is great for increasing your typing speed and accuracy.

If you're still not convinced, here are a few more reasons why you should try typing:

  • Reduces finger fatigue as all buttons are close by

  • Improved accuracy as muscle memory develops

  • Better posture as you don't have to look at the keyboard

  • Faster error correction

  • Easy to learn and does not cost anything

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An introduction to KTouch

As with any other skill, practice is essential to mastering typing, and KTouch does just that. KTouch is a Linux application developed by the KDE Education Project to help you learn and practice typing. This nifty application offers text to train with and gradually adjusts the level of difficulty as you progress.

KTouch displays the keyboard on the screen, indicating which key to press next and which finger is the correct one. With enough practice, you will learn to type with all your fingers without looking at the keyboard.

It also supports courses in multiple languages ​​and also has a course editor that you can customize to suit your needs. KTouch supports various keyboard layouts and you can even create new custom layouts yourself.

How to install KTouch on Linux

If you're running Ubuntu, Debian, or one of its derivatives, you can install KTouch with the following command:

sudo apt-get install ktouch

However, it is also available as a Snap package and as a Flatpak package for other distributions. Depending on your preference, you can run either of the two commands listed below to install KTouch.

To install the KTouch Snap package:

sudo snap install ktouch

Installing the KTouch Flatpak package is also easy:

Install flatpak flathub org.kde.ktouch

Explore KTouch and its features

Once the installation is complete, you can open KTouch like any other application. The application has a short and easy onboarding process that asks you to introduce yourself and your previous writing experience. The application will automatically unlock the lessons based on your experience.

The app organizes the lessons according to the alphabet used in it. You can start a lesson by double-clicking one of them. You can also create your own lessons to practice custom words or phrases.

Each lesson lasts a few minutes and presents you with various keyboard shortcuts that you have already practiced with. At the end of each lesson, KTouch presents you with a progress report and a status that either passed or failed.

KTouch intelligently analyzes your most common mistakes and increases the frequency of such keys to give you more exercise and build muscle memory.

Practice creates masters

If you've put off learning and practicing typing, KTouch is a compelling tool to help you get back on track. All you have to do is invest a few minutes consistently for a few weeks and you will notice the difference in your typing speed and accuracy.

It can also help you develop your thoughts faster and positively influence your creative process. Do you lack storage space or do you want a writing trainer that can be used on all devices? Check out these five websites that can also help you get the typing speed you've always wanted.

5 websites to learn or practice typing faster on computers

Typing speed is important when working online. It's time to learn to type to increase your speed and increase your productivity.

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