Google’s New Drive for Desktop App Makes Syncing Information and Images Simpler

It replaces and combines the functions of the Backup and Sync and Drive File Stream app in one.

Google launched a new Drive for desktop app that replaces the previous Backup and Sync app. The new sync client is available for Windows and macOS and offers several new features and improvements that were missing from the previous sync client.

The new Google Drive desktop app is aimed at both consumers and businesses, and it even replaces the Google Drive File Stream for Business app.

Drive for Desktop replaces Backup & Sync and Drive File Stream

The Drive for desktop app is a sync client that syncs all of your files and folders stored in Google Drive with your PC and vice versa. Since the new app replaces both Backup & Sync and Drive File Stream, it offers the best features of both apps. This includes the ability to upload and synchronize photos and videos directly in Google Photos, to synchronize your storage devices such as hard drives or USB sticks with the cloud and much more.

Other new features include integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Meet scheduling, support for shared Google Drives, and more.

You also have the option to stream files directly from Google Drive to your computer to save local storage space. Alternatively, you can save files locally for faster access if you have enough storage space and Internet bandwidth. Any changes you make to a file saved on Drive are automatically synced and saved in the cloud.

Google says in its announcement on the Google Workspaces Updates blog that the new sync client will provide a "consistent experience" for anyone who uses Drive to back up their important files to the cloud.

The Drive for desktop app lets you use up to four Google Accounts at the same time, so you can access files from four different Drive accounts at the same time without switching between them.

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Existing Backup and Sync users need to switch to the new app

Starting July 19, Google will show existing Backup and Sync users an in-app request for the new Drive for desktop app and ask them to switch to it. This in-app notification will be shown for business Backup and Sync users starting August 18th, 2021.

The company recommends that you upgrade to the new app by September 2021, as the app will stop working from October 1st, i.e., it will stop working H. Your files will then no longer be synchronized with the cloud. However, your files already stored in the cloud remain unaffected.

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