Google Updates Chrome OS to Make Your Chromebook Extra Useful

If you like updates that save you time, this is for you.

Google is constantly working to improve Chrome OS. Now the company announced a number of improvements to the usability of The Keyword. They seem to be making using Google's computerized operating system a much more enjoyable experience.

What does the new Chrome OS update do?

First of all, Google improved the launcher. Previously it was used to search your drive, apps, local files, google and other stuff. Now, Google has done it so you can quickly find out the local weather or solve math problems right from the launcher. All you have to do is hit the “Everything” button and type in the word “weather” or your math question to get the results without ever launching the browser.

As much as we'd love our computers to work perfectly all the time, they don't. Chromebooks are no reception, which is why Google is adding a diagnostic app to the operating system. That way, you can easily fix bugs and get back to work.

An example of the types of diagnostics that Google says can be run are battery discharge tests. In addition to running the appropriate test to determine if there is a hardware problem, it also displays relevant support articles so you can try to resolve the problem. The test results can also be passed on to customer support so that they can better help you.

You can also use the Diagnostics app to test things like your CPU and memory so you can always be sure that your Chrome OS computer is running at its best.

Recently, Google launched Live Subtitles in the Chrome browser, which automatically provides real-time subtitles for media with audio. Now the feature is making its way to Chrome OS. According to Google, the feature will be available "for most Chrome OS devices" in the coming weeks, although the company has not specified which devices to use.

Finally, Google Chrome OS adds some useful document scanning features. However, you still need a printer with a scanner for this to work. If you have one, you can open the scanning app in Chrome OS, then choose your printer, file type, and resolution to start scanning. The scanning function works with Wi-Fi or via a USB connection.

Chrome OS just keeps getting better

Chrome OS, while not as popular as Windows or Mac OS, is certainly growing in importance. If Google improves it further, it is only a matter of time before it becomes even more popular. Time will tell if Chrome OS is as big as the existing operating systems, but it seems to be on the way.

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