Google Chrome Will Cease Operating on Home windows 7 In 2022

Are you still using Google Chrome on Windows 7? The countdown timer is running, but you have just received a six month support extension.

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January 2022 may sound a long way off, but for Windows 7 users, it's a date to keep in mind.

Even though Windows 7 reached its official end-of-life date in January 2020, tens of millions of people around the world are still using the operating system. These users need assistance not only from Microsoft but also from software developers.

For Chrome users on Windows 7, Google has now set a specific date when support for your preferred browser will end.

When will Google end support for Chrome on Windows 7?

The official word is that Google will end support for its Chrome browser on Windows 7 in January 2022. While this doesn't sound like long, it is a six-month extension from the original support end date, which was first set as July 2021.

The six-month extension offers existing Windows 7 users another option to migrate from Windows 7 to an alternative operating system such as Windows 10. Or take alternative precautions for your browser.

Although Microsoft no longer officially supports Windows 7, NetMarketShare states that the operating system still accounts for over 24 percent of the market. In fact, Windows 7's market share has grown lately.

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Given the number of vulnerabilities and security issues Windows 7 is facing, and the many extensions to the support period, the number remains high.

Operating system market share December 2020

Why is Google expanding its Windows 7 support?

The fact that many organizations have found migration difficult in 2020 is no surprise.

Max Christoff, Engineering Director of Google Chrome, wrote on the Google Cloud Blog:

Migrating to Windows 10 was part of many companies' roadmap for the year. However, as new priorities for IT teams emerged, we heard that 21% of businesses are still migrating to Windows 10.1. With this expansion of support, businesses that are still upgrading can be assured that their users will stay on Windows 7 and continue to enjoy the security and productivity benefits of Chrome.

So the main focus of Google is on security. With such a large number of Windows 7 users in the consumer and corporate world, additional security support is welcome. A large number of Windows 7 computers with critical hardware can hardly afford to fix critical security holes.

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The extension also pushes Google towards the Microsoft end of the support date for corporate users, which is currently set for some time in 2023. This support applies only to corporate users who are paying for support, and not to universal support for companies and organizations running the old operating system.

However, if you're a Windows 7 user, consider upgrading to Windows 10 for a faster, more secure operating system.

Microsoft Shake to minimize the function

Microsoft will remove the practical Windows function in the upcoming update

The window minimization function is expected to leave Windows 10 in early 2021.

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