Get As much as 35% Off Knowledge Storage With These Amazon Prime Day Offers

Are you running out of internal memory on your computer? Then you need external storage at an affordable price.

Not enough hard drive space can be a real pain. If you can't free up space, how are you going to store more data?

Easy; All you need is an external storage device. Here are some of the best available during Amazon Prime Day 2021.

If you're a Mac user, Western Digital gives you 5TB of storage. My Passport Ultra for Mac is the perfect solution to ensure that you can easily store and access all of your data and files from one portable device.

It is equipped with the latest USB-C technology, but you also get an adapter that allows you to easily connect the My Passport to older Apple devices with USB 3.0.

WD manufactures the HDD from anodized metal, which makes it robust and hard-wearing. With that in mind, it should withstand bumps and bumps well (but be careful, it's a hard drive that still contains a disc).

If you prefer something a little more rugged, then SanDisk's 1TB Extreme PRO portable SSD should do the job. A solid state drive should last significantly longer than an external HDD because it contains no moving parts.

You get 1TB of storage, which should be more than enough to last you for some time. It's also USB-C and USB 3.2 compatible, so you can take advantage of 2000MB / s transfer speeds no matter which device you're rocking.

The forged aluminum housing not only protects your SSD; It also acts as a heat sink, keeping the drive cool while it works hard to transfer files.

If you are an outdoor photographer or videographer, you will understand the need for a rugged storage device. ArmorATD External HD from G-Technology has all the characteristics of an outdoor storage medium. Otherwise it would not be robust!

You get 4 TB of storage space and the drive is suitable for both Windows and Mac computers. With an enclosure with protection class IP54, dust, dirt and water should be kept out of the drive housing so that your data remains safe at all times.

This drive is also compatible with USB-C, USB 3.0, and Thunderbolt 3.

Crucial's portable SSD X6 stores up to 4 GB of data; enough for pretty much every day-to-day need. It's USB-C compatible, so it works with a wide variety of modern devices.

With transfer speeds of up to 800MB / s, it doesn't quite come close to the SanDisk above in terms of data pulling power, but that's nowhere near a shoddy number. However, it's a tiny SSD, making it one of the most portable we've listed here.

Take your data anywhere with a portable external drive

Now you can easily grab your data in one hand and your laptop in the other hand and take it with you. Moving data has never been easier, especially with the transfer speeds that some of these options offer.

What is SSD storage and how is it better than HDD?

SSDs have several advantages over HDDs, which makes them the ideal storage device.

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