Four Useful Mac Apps That Convey Gmail to Your Desktop

Using Gmail in your web browser is not a very pleasant experience. There is no easy way to view email messages from multiple accounts, nor is it easy to manage. When you work with Google Documents, the browser window quickly becomes cluttered.

Fortunately, there are some third-party email client apps out there that mimick the Gmail experience on your Mac desktop instead. Each solution offers a personalized set of functions. In this article, we're going to examine these Gmail apps for Mac and help you choose the best one for your needs.

1. Kiwi for Gmail

Kiwi for Gmail Mac Client

Kiwi for Gmail brings the full Google experience to your Mac. The left sidebar offers quick links to drive, documents, contacts and calendar. Or you can create new entries with a single click. Each app opens in a separate window.

The right field is your main account window.

To add a Gmail account, go to Settings> AccountsThen click on Add (+) below and log in. Kiwi assigns a unique color to each account. You can change the order, set your preferences for receiving notifications, and activate various plug-ins.

The lite version of Kiwi is still a full-fledged app, but it limits you to just two Gmail accounts. Kiwi for Gmail 3.0 or higher offers expanded plug-in support, audio and video integration, a new contact area and much more. Read the Kiwi blog post for more details.

Unique features from Kiwi for Gmail

  • With the Inbox for Focused Filters, you can quickly filter your inbox. You can filter by unread dates, date range, attachments and more. For example, you can click Unread to see unread messages from all of your accounts.

  • Using the integrated menu bar, you can quickly create an email from any account with a single click. You can also access recently closed documents through the file Menu.

  • Attach files to emails directly from the Finder. Go to System Preferences> Extensions and activate the Share menu Check boxes to do this.

  • Integration with Boomerang, Right Inbox, Grammar, Zoom, and more. If you're interested, find out how to schedule an email in Gmail without plugins.

Download: Kiwi for Gmail Lite (Free)

Download: Kiwi for Gmail ($ 29.99)

2. Mail plane

Mailplane support for Mac extensions

Mailplane suggests a tabbed interface that allows you to manage Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar from a single location. This Gmail Mac app is intuitive to use as it takes over certain functions from the browser itself, e.g. B. creating new tabs, managing bookmarks and a navigation tool.

To add a Gmail account, go to Settings> AccountsThen click on Add (+) below and click Sign In. Mailplane assigns a unique color to each account. You can configure notification settings and enable an option to reopen the last visited Gmail location on startup.

Mailplane has a built-in search button that allows you to search messages across all accounts at once. Click the navigation button to list all of the Gmail labels, tabs, contacts, and calendars on an account and open an item in a new tab with a single click.

Unique features of Mailplane

  • Use the Save clip Toolbar option to create a task in Todoist, Things and Omnifocus. You can also cut a message in Evernote or Devonthink, or save it as a PDF file.

  • Customize the attachment options by going to Settings> Attachments. You can configure the default format, size, and more.

  • Integration with Boomerang, Clearbit, Gmelius, Hiver, Zoom Scheduler, Contacts Plus and more. Go to Settings> Extensions and enable these integrations.

  • The integrated notification in the menu bar saves a lot of time. You can archive and reply to emails right from your Mac notifications.

Download: Mailplane ($ 29.95, free trial available)

3. Boxy Suite 2

Boxy for Gmail with Quick Launcher

Your email, notes, and calendars deserve a dedicated, focused environment on your desktop. Boxy Suite 2 is a combo app that brings Gmail, Calendar, Storage, and Contacts to your Mac. You can install the entire suite or any app of your choice.

The apps in this suite are based on WKWebview with custom design and native features to make them look better and respond faster. To get started, go to Accounts and click on Add account. You can switch to a different Gmail account using the built-in shortcuts.

Unique features of Boxy for Gmail

  • Press Cmd + K. To quickly switch accounts, navigate between the sections (Inbox, Flagged, Unread, etc.) and launch Task Manager.

  • Create a task with backlinks to another email message. The Boxy Suite supports Things, Omnifocus, 2Do and Todoist. Here is a useful guide to help you find the perfect to-do app for your needs.

  • It can recognize "tracking pixels" in the email text and let you know the details of how your email is being tracked.

  • Toggle the Reader or Minimal Mode to read email messages without the distraction. These modes also support macOS Dark Mode.

Download: Boxy Suite 2 ($ 29 / year, free trial available)

4. Unite

Gmail app created with the Unite app

Unite for MacOS can turn any website into a Mac app. It uses a WebKit-based backend browser to create location-specific apps. This means that you can completely replace bloated electron apps like Slack or Discord with lightweight, native Mac apps.

First, enter the Gmail URL followed by a name. Unite accesses the favicon. Then click Create a Unite application. A familiar Gmail login window will appear at startup. The first time you log in, Unite will ask you if you want to save your password.

The integrated integration in iCloud Keychain ensures that you no longer have to worry about site passwords in the future. The title bar of the window is automatically adjusted to the primary color. A small button in the control center gives you temporary access to browser functions such as tabs, URL bars and downloads.

Unique features of Unite

  • Enable floating windows in your Unite apps so your content window always stays on top. Go to Appearance> Window Level and choose Floating from the drop down menu to do this.

  • Full support for HTML notification, just like Google Chrome or Safari. They are easy to identify as you can customize the name and icon of your apps.

  • Support of userscript and styles to optimize the functionality and appearance of the browser. It is also possible to set a custom user agent for an app to mimic other web environments.

  • With Dock Slices you get quick and clear information. This allows you to replace the dock icon with a live feed. Go to File> Start Dock Monitor to get started.

Download: Unite 4 ($ 19.99, free for up to three apps)

Become a Pro Gmail user

As a heavy Gmail user, I've been switching back and forth between using the browser and these third-party apps. If you're just starting out and only have two Gmail accounts, Kiwi Lite will be enough to meet your needs. After that, my next recommendation is Unite.

However, if you need a native email client with a built-in task manager and support for third-party extensions, try Mailplane or Boxy Suite. Both are equally powerful.

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